Red Dead Redemption 2 Shoot 3 Hats Off Sharpshooter Challenge

Shoot 3 hats off in RDR2 is a Sharpshooter challenge in the game. Completing the RDR2 3 hats Sharpshooter challenge, you have to shoot three hats off of people’s heads in one Dead Eye, and without killing them. This is much more difficult than it sounds. For one, you have to unlock a specific Dead Eye special ability in Red Dead Redemption 2. With all of that in mind, here’s our Red Dead Redemption 2 Shoot 3 Hats Off Sharpshooter Challenge guide to show you the easiest way to complete the challenge, as well as which special ability you need.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Shoot 3 Hats Off Sharpshooter Challenge
Red Dead Redemption 2 Shoot 3 Hats Off Sharpshooter Challenge

How to Complete Shoot 3 Hats Off RDR2 Sharpshooter Challenge?

To complete this Sharpshooter challenge, you have to shoot three hats off of people’s heads, without killing them, all in one Dead Eye. Now, this sounds pretty simple on paper. In practice, it really isn’t. For one, you have to unlock the third Dead Eye Special Ability. For this, you’ll have to complete the mission “Banking, the Old American Art” in Chapter Four (for detailed info on this subject, check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye Upgrade – How to guide). Why is this necessary? Because this allows you to manually aim in Dead Eye without tagging targets. If you use tagging, then you’ll automatically headshot the target, leading to both murder and failing the challenge.

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Now, any collection of three people with hats on is going to suffice to complete the RDR2 3 Hats Off Sharpshooter challenge. One such location is the post office in the southeast of Valentine. There are always two guys hanging out there, wearing hats. Yes, one guy doesn’t have a hat in our screenshot, but trust us on this one. Anyway, once there, all you have to do is wait for somebody else with a hat to walk by. Go into Dead Eye and manually aim for the hats, one after the other. Again, DO NOT tag the targets. Whatever happens, book it immediately. Things are gonna get plenty ugly real fast, and you want to be as far away as possible real quickly.

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  1. G

    I think a better way is at the Poker table inside Flatneck Station.
    There’s usually 2 men sat playing cards wearing hats. You can then walk into the door to the next room and a 3rd man is often staring out of the window wearing a bowler hat (if he’s wearing a flat cap, reload and return, that’d be a killshot).
    I used the Varmint rifle whilst keeping the door open by standing in the doorway. I activated Dead Eye and made sure the reticle was white on the hat, not red, and shot the man by the window first, before swinging round 90° to shoot the sitting Poker-players’ hats.
    No one fired back and I only got a $5 bounty – maybe nothing if I’d put my mask on – they all just ran away like cowards. Although, to be fair, if they’d have stayed and fired back they’d all have been killed.

    1. A

      Great tip, Goatlips. Took me two tries. When I went there, the flop-hatted sweeper was just outside the double doors and two hats were at the table, a Bulldogger and a fedora. I blew it on the fedora, 4 shots and everyone had hightailed it. When I came back after losing Wanted status, I walked through again-bigger hats at the table and the sweeper and another guy with a big white boss hat in the office behind. While I was in the office thinking about how to line up my shots, the sweeper walked in front of the door, so I hit him, then the table, where I got a surprise. When I shot the hat off the closest guy at the table, the bullet went through and knocked off the hat of the guy sitting next to him, so I got 2 hats with my 2nd shot. For good measure, I hit the white hat as well, but he was armed and started shooting. I ran like Hell (my honour was maxxed out and I don’t trust the arbitrary way this game decides when it’s bad to shoot people who are trying to kill you). $5 bounty a pop for disturbing the peace.

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