Enhanced Griffin Gear Witcher 3 Armor

Enhanced Griffin Gear is an upgraded version of the basic Griffin Set. This is the second out of four (Basic, Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted) upgrade levels available for Griffin Sword and Armor Set.
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Diagrams for enhanced Griffin Set versions are found all over Velen (No Man’s Land). This is a level 18 upgrade for the basic Griffin School Gear Set.

Map for this armor can be bought from the Armourer in Midcopse.

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UPDATE: Lots of changes have been made with update 1.07, including level requirements for the Griffin gear. We’ve updated the guide with the new values, so if you find any inconsistencies between the game and the guide, you might be playing an older version of the game.

Enhanced Griffin Set Statistics

The Enhanced Griffin has the same stats as the basic Griffin but with higher numbers. Logical, right? An additional 10% on Sign Intensity feels like a decent upgrade.

Enhanced Griffin silver sword Location

Southeastern Velen, west of the enormous Nilfgaardian camp. The closest fast travel point is Crossroads. From there, head east and find a cave entrance. At the end of the cave is one steel chest. Loot the diagram from it.

Enhanced Griffin steel sword Location

Western Velen, northwest from fast travel point Condyle, southwest of fast travel points Refugee’s Camp and Coast of Wrecks. The diagram at this location is found inside a bandit camp that is positioned on the peninsula. Once you are here, find a ruined stone tower and walk up its small stone stairs toward the steel chest.

Enhanced Griffin boots Location

In the northern part of Mudplough island, just southwest of Novigrad. The Inn at the Crossroads fast travel point is in the south of this island. There is a level 18 enemy called Forktail guarding the location, flying exactly over the chest. You can’t loot the chest if you get in combat with it, but if you approach carefully, you can avoid getting into combat and loot the chest easily.

Enhanced Griffin trousers Location

Within the location of Burned Ruins fast travel point. This spot is just east from Crow’s Perch. The chest with the diagram is tucked among the burned wooden beams.

Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets Location

Southern Velen, south from Frischlow fast travel point. There is a small, blocked cave entrance at the location of the guarded treasure. Use the Aard sign to brake through and loot the chest inside.

Enhanced Griffin Armor Location

West of the second largest city, Oxenfurt, in White Eagle Fort. Once you reach this location, you can spot a unique character called Rock Troll. The steel chest that holds the diagram is just behind the troll.

Materials needed for crafting the gear are as follow:

Most of the required materials can be obtained by dismantling stuff. Once you collect all materials, go to any Blacksmith and Armorer Journeyman. Two of them are located in Novigrad, next to the Hierarch Square fast travel point.

Diagram name (crafting price)Materials Needed
Enhanced Griffin silver sword (76)
  • 1x Griffin Silver Sword
  • 2x Leather Straps
  • 2x Meteorite Silver Ingot
  • 1x Monster Egg
  • 1x Monster Tongue
Enhanced Griffin steel sword (42)
  • 1x Griffin Steel Sword
  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 2x Dark Steel Ingot
  • 1x Powdered Monster Tissue
  • 1x Monster Claw
Enhanced Griffin boots (70)
  • 1x Griffin Boots
  • 1x Hardened Leather
  • 1x Meteorite Ore
  • 3x Thread
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Essence
Enhanced Griffin trousers (57)
  • 1x Griffin Trousers
  • 2x Silk
  • 1x Cured Leather
  • 1x Meteorite Ore
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Blood
Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets (56)
  • 1x Griffin Gauntlets
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Meteorite Ore
  • 2x Leather Scraps
  • 2x Thread
  • 4x Powdered Monster Tissue
Enhanced Griffin Armor (143)
  • 1x Griffin Armor
  • 3x Hardened Leather
  • 1x Meteorite Silver Plate
  • 4x Linen
  • 5x Monster Feather
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  1. B
    Babylon Rocker

    Nice, Keep up the good work.

    1 Little Thing, it would be awesome if you could add a screenshot of how the armor actually Looks when crafted and equipped 🙂

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I’ll, but first I have to collect all materials 🙂

      1. L

        I have the enhanced griffin armor set and weapons. Heres a screenshot http://i.gyazo.com/aca408861258e68f150e5d733ba6d989.jpg

  2. L

    Hey man do you have one for the Enhanced Bear Gear?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I’m working on enhanced bear gear at the moment

    2. M

      The Grandmaster bear looks amazing fyi

  3. A

    Cat, griffin or bear? Which one do you prefer? I am currently level 12, using basic griffin armor. I do have a treasure hunt quest for cat gear. How are the cat and griffin armor different?

    1. S

      Weights go Cat (light), Griffin (medium), Bear (heavy).

      Griffin is the earliest one you can get, so the enhanced Griffin gear is only 5 points of defence higher than cat.

      Cat gear focuses on buffing your attack power (but gives fastest stamina regen, as it’s light gear), griffin gear focuses on buffing your Sign intensity. Not sure what Bear does, as I haven’t found it yet, but I believe it’s all about defence.

      1. S

        There’s also a level 14 Golem guarding the initial Cat gear site, so be wary.

  4. G

    Any one have any idea the best way to obtain monster feathers??

    1. P

      Kill harpies and dismantle their feathers.

  5. D

    Griffins or any type of flying creature. Look under beastery

  6. B

    Does anyone know where the best spot to get meteorite ore is? Does anyone sell it?

    1. C

      When you get to level 15 you can buy it from armours and blacksmiths

  7. M

    Any one else having problems with the swords? they do not actually give the sign intensity bonus, armour works fine but swords don’t affect it.

    1. C

      You have to have the sword unsheathed for it to give the bonus

  8. T

    hi it’s wrong the part about the echanced giffen silver sword needing the old one to upgrade cuase I have that and it’s not letting me do that.

  9. R

    I’ve got the stuff for enhanced griffin steel sword but can’t find a blacksmith who can make it

    1. G

      you can make it in oxenfurt

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