Witcher Armor - Griffin School Gear

Griffin School Gear is a part of the Scavanger Hunt quests for the set of Witcher specific gear. These quests can start once you collect one of the Griffin diagrams that come with letters describing the locations of the rest of the diagrams.
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Griffin school gear is a part of the witcher George’s legendary equipment. In the guide below we show you their exact locations, materials needed for crafting and stats.

Map for this armor can be bought from the Armourer in Midcopse..

Also check out our guides for UPDATE: Patch 1.07 changed the level requirements for a lot of weapons and armor sets, Griffin included. We’ve changed the requirements in our guide, so if what you see in the game differs from what’s written here, then you’re probably playing an older version.

Find all (6) the diagrams to the Griffin School witcher gear.

There are three locations for the all six pieces of the diagram. The first one described bellow is the one we found at the start. Location where it is found is also a home of two books that reveal the rest of the diagram locations upon reading.

Once you collect all materials, go to any Blacksmith and Armorer Journeyman. Two of them are located in Novigrad, next to the Hierarch Square fast travel point.

Griffin steel sword

This is where Hindhold fast travel point is located. There is a level 7 harpy monster nest found here. Just next to their next, on the first floor of the compound found here is a room with a dead body and a chest. Loot them and read the books found within them. This actions gives you the diagram and the location of the next 5 diagrams.

Griffin silver sword

This location is found in western Velen, in the vicinity of the small castle Lornruk, next to the place of power. In order to enter this castle you have to go through an underwater entrance found next to the nearby place of power.
As you find your way out the castle to the open, near the wooden gate, look up. There are the ladders you can use to reach the area of the chest that hides the Diagram: Griffin silver sword. It is just next to the grindstone.
This area is also perfect for fighting against the level 14 Wyvern that residue in this castle. I’ve managed to defeat it at easy mode by just keeping the Quen shield up and hack and slash with the silver sword.

Griffin armor, trousers, boots and gauntlets

Next four diagrams are all found inside the Dragonslayer’s Grotto, west of Reardon Manor and Downwarren. this area is guarded by the level 7 wraths. The exact location of the chest that contains the diagram is guarded by the level 11 Ekimmara vampire, thus fire it away.

Witcher Griffin Set Statistics

Witcher Griffin Set is a medium-weight gear available for players at level 11 or above. The ultimate stat that is same for all pieces of this gear is +5% sign intensity per item.

Witcher 3 Griffin Armor Stats

Materials needed for crafting the gear are as follow:

Most of the requirement materials can be obtained by dismantling stuff.
Diagram nameMaterials Needed
Griffin boots1x Hardened Leather
 1x Meteorite Ore
 3x Thread
 4x Leather Scraps
 1x Monster Essence
Griffin armor1x Shirt
Sold by a merchant in Novigrad
(next to notice board closest to St. Gregory’s Bridge)
 2x Hardened Leather
 1x Meteorite Silver Plate
 5x Leather Straps
 2x Monster Eye
Griffin gauntlets4x Leather Scraps
 1x Meteorite ore
 2x Leather Scraps
 2x Thread
 4x Powdered Monster Tissue
Griffin silver sword1x Leather Scraps
 3x Silver Ingot
 1x Fifth Essence
 1x Monster Brain
Griffin steel sword1x Leather Scraps
 2x Steel Ingot
 1x Monster Brain
 1x Monster Eye
Griffin trousers2x Silk
 1x Cured Leather
 1x Meteorite Ore 
 4x Leather Scraps
 1x Monster Blood

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  1. S

    nice, i just level up my witcher at 8th Level and i will wear Griffin gear stuff and i will fight with Griffin swords πŸ™‚

  2. S

    For the Griffin armor, trousers, boots and gauntlets , there is a way to just enter from the back entrance (skipping all mobs includ the lv11 one) , just climb up and slowly decend to the exit (above the harpy nest) , you only need the lantern to clear the illusion

  3. J

    Any doubts about how to pass trought Wyvern blocking the tower road ? when searching the silver sword -?
    Its pretty sick strong πŸ˜€ im only lvl 8

    1. D

      I just kept trying to sneak past, rush up the stairs and loot the chest before it registered me in combat. Took about five tries but I got it right after he stuck himself in the lower room.

      1. J

        I did it πŸ™‚ thanks man πŸ™‚ … 1 more question ? πŸ˜€ where i can make weapons of this level ? for armor i go to blood baron castle to armorer
        but in my map there is no blacksmith who can make the swords for me ? any help plz πŸ™‚

        1. S

          there is a weaponsmith in the village of Blackbough i think its called … in velen

        2. J

          Thank you guyss πŸ™‚

        3. A

          Oxenfurt blacksmith and armorer will take care of it for you.

    2. K

      You can try luring him inside the tower’s basement, then swim through and come back while Wyvern is still inside the tower.

    3. B

      just bring the level down to easy, and keep using your sheild sign

    4. A

      strong lol.. i took it down at level 9 in blood and broken bones difficulty.. it was pretty easy actually the attacks were very predictable easy to dodge and do 3/4 slash and dodge again..a tip invest in fast attack.. i hardly ever use strong attack..

    5. A
      asad pasha

      yep if you are going in go down to place of power and enter through there and if wyvren is coming at you when coming out of tower just jump in water and climb up to the road near place of power

  4. T


    Anyone knows how to get the Metorite stuff? Had some with me, but can’t find it anywhere.

    Thanks πŸ˜‰

  5. H

    Starting to find some of the griffin gear part 3 but somehow completly missed all of pay 2. Does anyone know where to find it?

  6. S

    i am lvl 24 and looking for 3rd upgrade of griffin set on skag islands got the cloths and silver sword but seems to be a glich on marker for steel sword and can not find the upgrade of this sword any one help out

  7. M

    where do i find meteorite ore, i have gone to every merchant i know, none of them have it.

    1. J

      Go to Skellige, Lots of Meteorite there, Plate, Ore, Ingot.. Either from Looting when you first arrive from the ship.., or the first merchant in the city has some. along with many others, ive found Meteorite so much easier to find in skellige.. day and night difference between Velen and Skell

  8. B

    Does anyone know if there is a Griffin crossbow or Diagram: Griffin crossbow that can be obtained? It seems there isnt one but there is a crossbow for the feline school and ursine school.

    1. I don’t think there is a Griffin crossbow diagram at the moment. Maybe in some future DLC? πŸ˜€

  9. T

    just got the swords and they require me to be Lv. 11 to use them. not Lv 8 =. bummed me out…

  10. J

    A comment here: it’s no more up to date: the griffin base set is now of level 11 instead of 8!

    Please update guys! πŸ™‚

  11. A
    asad pasha

    the part where you go to find griffin silver sword in the light house .. there is an alternative way to get in besides the underwater passage. jump in water and instead of going right side of bridge near place of power go toward left side and just under the bridge you can climb up on the stones all the way near a wall which you can climb to get in and lower the bridge without fighting anything.

  12. J

    this needs to be updated, it is now gaurded by a level 20

    1. M

      Thank you for the heads up. ?

  13. K

    Thanks for the info; it really helps out.

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