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Superior Griffin Gear is the level 3 upgrade for the Griffin School Set. Before you can upgrade your set to superior, you need to boost it to Enchanced Griffin first.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find diagrams for Superior Griffin Gear, their stats and the ingredients you’ll need to craft it.

We have also prepared for you the following guides:
UPDATE: The big 1.07 update brought new level requirements for many armor sets and weapons – Griffin is one of them. We’ve updated the guide with the new data, so if the game tells you a different number than ours, you’re probably playing an older version.

Superior Griffin Set Stats

The stats of the set are similar in type to those of the basic and enhanced version, only significantly stronger. It offers a great increase in sign intensity and elemental damage resistance. Both the armor and the swords require you to be level 26.

Superior Griffin Silver Sword

This diagram is in a cave west of Elverum Lighthouse, in the southern part of Ard Skellig. When you enter the cave, just keep to your left until you stumble upon a couple of chests. One of them holds the blueprint. And be wary of level 16 bears.

Superior Griffin Steel Sword

The steel sword diagram is on An Skellig, north-west of Urialla Harbor. There’s a ruined village there, with a shrine a bit to the north. When you get to the shrine, you’ll have to fight a couple of level 24 bandits. When you’re done with them, look behind the shrine – the diagram is in the chest.

Superior Griffin Armor, Boots, Gauntlets and Trousers

The diagrams for the rest of the set are located at the fartherst north-eastern point of Ard Skellig. They are in the bandit camp at Gaints’ Toes, in a wrecked boat on the shore. The bandits in the camp are level 24, so they’ll probably give you a run for your money. When you pass under the stone arc, turn left and you’ll see the chest in the boat.

Materials Needed For Upgrading The Set

You can get most of the materials needed for upgrading by dismantling old items. The rest can be bought at stores. You’ll need to find a Journeyman blacksmith and armorer first, though.

Superior Griffin Silver Sword
  • Enhanced Griffin Silver Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Dimetrium Ingot x1
  • Monster Blood x1
  • Powdered Monster Tissue x1
Superior Griffin Steel Sword
  • Enhanced Griffin Steel Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x1
  • Dark Steel ingot x3
  • Monster Blood x1
  • Monster Feather x1
Superior Griffin Armor
  • Enhanced Griffin Armor x1
  • Cured Draconid Leather x3
  • Dimetrium Plate x2
  • Monster Hide x1
  • Monster Heart x2
Superior Griffin Trousers
  • Enhanced Griffin Trousers x1
  • Silk x2
  • Leather Straps x1
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x1
  • Monster Egg x1
Superior Griffin Boots
  • Enhanced Griffin Boots x1
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x1
  • String x2
  • Monster Claw x2
Superior Griffin Gauntlets
  • Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets x1
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Meteorite Silver Plate x1
  • String x2
  • Monster Tongue x2




  1. Y

    Thank you very much for this useful information, saved me a lot of heartache and whatnot xD

  2. M

    I only received the chest piece for the superior griffin set at the giants toe marker. Did I do something wrong. I had the quest active and everything, or is this a bug

    1. N

      That was the same for me too!

      1. C

        Has anyone figured out how to get the rest of the diagrams when this happens^?

    2. G

      no your just stupid

      1. P

        Yeah the same thing happened to me I guess I have to find the ursine set instead…

  3. E

    Why won’t you just tell us where do we buy the map with all the blueprints makred on it? It would save much more time, instead wasting it switching between this site and the game. Why, I ask?!

      1. B

        hi i only found the chest piece of armour in the chest is there any where else the other bits can be

    1. G

      DUDE you only get that quest and stuff the first time, its up to you to find the upgrade sets, THINK damn 1st time RPGers

      1. S

        By all means, take the time to type out something bitchy toward someone whose life isn’t as consumed by RPGs as yours. 🙂

  4. M

    These are the locations for the lvl 31 tier of the griffin set, i’m still looking for the superior set :/

  5. J

    The caves for the silver sword are to the west, on the map, not the east.

  6. L

    answer the question please? Why is there only armor in superior sets? Thank you

    1. G

      you can find them early on buddy

  7. R

    Swords now require level 26 to wield

  8. O

    This armor set requires level 26 not 23. Isn’t it? I am playing through Witcher 3 on hardest mode.

  9. R
    Ridhwan Shazni

    I went for the superior armor set as but only got the armor piece, why is that? Is there any level gaps or anything before finding them? Am currently level 21 atm.

  10. N

    What armor are you wearing in the video?

  11. H

    Ok, so if you get totally stuck and don’t care about cheating, use the dev console and just give yourself the item.

    Enable the console by editing the file general.ini found in the Witcher 3 installation folder. First make a backup copy of the file in case you cock it up. The file is in the folder INSTALLATION_PATH\The Witcher 3\bin\config\base. In the case of steam games the installation_path, by default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.
    Open the file in notepad and add the line DBGConsoleOn=true and save the file.
    You can now open and close the console by pressing the tilde ~ key (also # key on UK keyboards)
    To add an item use the command additem(‘item_code’).
    Armor item codes (google for more commands and item codes). Note that these item codes repeat at appropriately higher levels when you complete the game and start over in a “New Game +” mode.
    Ursine Witcher Gear
    additem(‘Bear Armor’)
    additem(‘Bear Armor 1’)
    additem(‘Bear Armor 2’)
    additem(‘Bear Armor 3’)
    additem(‘Bear Armor 4’)
    additem(‘Bear Boots 1’)
    additem(‘Bear Boots 2’)
    additem(‘Bear Boots 3’)
    additem(‘Bear Boots 4’)
    additem(‘Bear Boots 5’)
    additem(‘Bear Gloves 1’)
    additem(‘Bear Gloves 2’)
    additem(‘Bear Gloves 3’)
    additem(‘Bear Gloves 4’)
    additem(‘Bear Gloves 5’)
    additem(‘Bear Pants 1’)
    additem(‘Bear Pants 2’)
    additem(‘Bear Pants 3’)
    additem(‘Bear Pants 4’)
    additem(‘Bear Pants 5’)
    additem(‘Bear School silver sword’)
    additem(‘Bear School silver sword 1’)
    additem(‘Bear School silver sword 2’)
    additem(‘Bear School silver sword 3’)
    additem(‘Bear School silver sword 4’)
    additem(‘Bear School steel sword’)
    additem(‘Bear School steel sword 1’)
    additem(‘Bear School steel sword 2’)
    additem(‘Bear School steel sword 3’)
    additem(‘Bear School steel sword 4’)
    additem(‘Bear School Crossbow’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Armor’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Armor 1’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Armor 2’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Armor 3’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Armor 4’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Boots 1’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Boots 2’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Boots 3’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Boots 4’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Boots 5’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Gloves 1’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Gloves 2’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Gloves 3’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Gloves 4’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Gloves 5’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Pants 1’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Pants 2’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Pants 3’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Pants 4’)
    additem(‘Gryphon Pants 5’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School silver sword’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School silver sword 1’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School silver sword 2’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School silver sword 3’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School silver sword 4’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School steel sword’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School steel sword 1’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School steel sword 2’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School steel sword 3’)
    additem(‘Gryphon School steel sword 4’)
    additem(‘Wolf Armor’)
    additem(‘Wolf Armor 1’)
    additem(‘Wolf Armor 2’)
    additem(‘Wolf Armor 3’)
    additem(‘Wolf Armor 4’)
    additem(‘Wolf Boots 1’)
    additem(‘Wolf Boots 2’)
    additem(‘Wolf Boots 3’)
    additem(‘Wolf Boots 4’)
    additem(‘Wolf Boots 5’)
    additem(‘Wolf Gloves 1’)
    additem(‘Wolf Gloves 2’)
    additem(‘Wolf Gloves 3’)
    additem(‘Wolf Gloves 4’)
    additem(‘Wolf Gloves 5’)
    additem(‘Wolf Pants 1’)
    additem(‘Wolf Pants 2’)
    additem(‘Wolf Pants 3’)
    additem(‘Wolf Pants 4’)
    additem(‘Wolf Pants 5’)
    additem(‘Wolf School silver sword’)
    additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 1’)
    additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 2’)
    additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 3’)
    additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 4’)
    additem(‘Wolf School steel sword’)
    additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 1’)
    additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 2’)
    additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 3’)
    additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx Armor’)
    additem(‘Lynx Armor 1’)
    additem(‘Lynx Armor 2’)
    additem(‘Lynx Armor 3’)
    additem(‘Lynx Armor 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx Boots 1’)
    additem(‘Lynx Boots 2’)
    additem(‘Lynx Boots 3’)
    additem(‘Lynx Boots 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx Boots 5’)
    additem(‘Lynx Gloves 1’)
    additem(‘Lynx Gloves 2’)
    additem(‘Lynx Gloves 3’)
    additem(‘Lynx Gloves 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx Gloves 5’)
    additem(‘Lynx Pants 1’)
    additem(‘Lynx Pants 2’)
    additem(‘Lynx Pants 3’)
    additem(‘Lynx Pants 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx Pants 5’)
    additem(‘Lynx School silver sword’)
    additem(‘Lynx School silver sword 1’)
    additem(‘Lynx School silver sword 2’)
    additem(‘Lynx School silver sword 3’)
    additem(‘Lynx School silver sword 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx School steel sword’)
    additem(‘Lynx School steel sword 1’)
    additem(‘Lynx School steel sword 2’)
    additem(‘Lynx School steel sword 3’)
    additem(‘Lynx School steel sword 4’)
    additem(‘Lynx School Crossbow’)

    1. H

      Note the inconsistency in the naming here. Armor and swords are numbered blank to 4 while everything else is numbered 1 to 5 so for example Wolf Armor is the same level as Wolf Gloves 1 and Lynx School silver sword 3 is the same level as Lynx Pants 4.

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