Boss Soul Weapons | Dark Souls 3

Boss Soul Weapons are unique weapons in Dark Souls 3. They can be obtained by transposing unique souls that you get from killing bosses.
You’ll need to obtain the Transposing Kiln and give it to Ludleth of Courland in Firelink Shrine. This guide will show you all boss soul weapons in Dark Souls 3, their looks, stats and move sets.

Soul Transposition Items

Image Item Name Type Boss
Vordt's Great Hammer Dark Souls 3 Vordt’s Great Hammer Great Hammer Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Pontiff's Left Eye Pontiff’s Left Eye Ring Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Boulder Heave Dark Souls 3 Boulder Heave Pyromancy Stray Demon
Havel's Ring Dark Souls 3 Havel’s Ring Ring Stray Demon
Hollowslayer Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Hollowslayer Greatsword Greatsword Curse-Rotted Greatwood
Arstor's Spear Dark Souls 3 Arstor’s Spear Spear Curse-Rotted Greatwood
Crystal Hail Dark Souls 3 Crystal Hail Sorcery Crystal Sage
Crystal Sage's Rapier Dark Souls 3 Crystal Sage’s Rapier Thrusting Sword Crystal Sage
Wolf Knight's Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Wolf Knight’s Greatsword Greatsword Abyss Watchers
Farron Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Farron Greatsword Ultra Greatsword Abyss Watchers
Deep Soul Dark Souls 3 Deep Soul Sorcery Deacons of the Deep
Cleric's Candlestick Dark Souls 3 Cleric’s Candlestick Straight Sword Deacons of the Deep
Black Serpent Dark Souls 3 Black Serpent Pyromancy High Lord Wolnir
Wolnir's Holy Sword Dark Souls 3 Wolnir’s Holy Sword Greatsword High Lord Wolnir
Demon's Greataxe Dark Souls 3 Demon’s Greataxe Greataxe Demon
(Catacombs of Carthus)
Demon's Fist Dragon Souls 3 Demon’s Fist Fist Demon
(Catacombs of Carthus)
Chaos Bed Vestiges Dark Souls 3 Chaos Bed Vestiges Pyromancy Old Demon King
Old King's Great Hammer Dark Souls 3 Old King’s Great Hammer Great Hammer Old Demon King
Greatsword of Judgment Dark Souls 3 Greatsword of Judgment Greatsword Pontiff Sulyvahn
Profaned Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Profaned Greatsword Ultra Greatsword Pontiff Sulyvahn
Dark Souls 3 Yhorm's Great Machete Weapon Yhorm’s Great Machete Greataxe Yhorm the Giant
Dark Souls 3 Yhorm's Greatshield Shield Yhorm’s Greatshield Greatshield Yhorm the Giant
Lifehunt Scythe Miracle Dark Souls 3 Lifehunt Scythe Miracle Aldrich Devourer of Gods
Darkmoon Longbow Weapon Dark Souls 3 Darkmoon Longbow Bow Aldrich Devourer of Gods
Soothing Sunlight Miracle Dark Souls 3 Soothing Sunlight Miracle Dancer of the Boreal Valley
Dancer's Enchanted Swords Weapon Dark Souls 3 Dancer’s Enchanted Swords Curved Sword Dancer of the Boreal Valley
White Dragon Breath Sorcery Dark Souls 3 White Dragon Breath Sorcery Oceiros, the Consumed King
Moonlight Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Moonlight Greatsword Greatsword Oceiros, the Consumed King
Gundyr's Halberd Dark Souls 3 Gundyr’s Halberd Halberd Champion Gundyr
Giant's Chain Ring Dark Souls 3 Giant’s Chain Ring Champion Gundyr
Dragonslayer Greataxe Dark Souls 3 Dragonslayer Greataxe Greataxe Dragonslayer Armour
Dragonslayer Greatshield Dark Souls 3 Dragonslayer Greatshield Greatshield Dragonslayer Armour
Lothric's Holy Sword Dark Souls 3 Lothric’s Holy Sword Straight Sword Lorian and Lothric
Lorian's Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Lorian’s Greatsword Ultra Greatsword Lorian and Lothric
Lighting Storm Miracle Dark Souls 3 Lighting Storm Miracle Nameless King
Storm Curved Sword Dark Souls 3 Storm Curved Sword Curved Sword Nameless King
Dragonslayer Swordspear Dark Souls 3 Dragonslayer Swordspear Spear Nameless King
Sunlight Spear Dark Souls 3 Sunlight Spear Miracle Soul of Cinder
Firelink Greatsword Dark Souls 3 Firelink Greatsword Greatsword Soul of Cinder



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