Red Dead Redemption 2 Watson's Cabin Location & Solution

Watson’s Cabin in RDR2 is one of the several homestead stash locations you can find. Like many other homestead stashes in Red Dead Redemption 2, Watson’s Cabin requires you to go through several steps to get the stash itself. These include fooling and robbing an old lady, and then murdering her sons and looting the house. All in a day’s work for a bandit of your caliber. if you’re having trouble with this homestead stash, here’s our Red Dead Redemption 2 Watson’s Cabin Location & Solution guide to show you exactly where to find and how to get the homestead stash.

Where to Find Watson’s Cabin Location in RDR2?

To find the location of Watson’s Cabin in Red Dead Redemption 2, you have to go south of the border between Grizzlies West and West Elizabeth. There’s a river there, running parallel to the border. Said river is called Little Creek River, and Watson’s Cabin is northeast of the word River on the map. Basically, it’s easiest to first make your way to Wallace Station. From here, head west by northwest. Keep going that way until you reach Watson’s Cabin.

Watson’s Cabin is one of several homestead stash robberies you can pull off in the game. These earn you the Breaking and Entering trophy, among other things. The catch with Watson’s Cabin is that it isn’t really the easiest of the bunch to solve. Which brings us to our next point…

How to Get Watson’s Cabin RDR2 Homestead Stash?

To get the Watson’s Cabin Homestead stash in RDR2, you’re gonna have to go through several steps. Plus, you’re really gonna have to be a ruthless crook, but you are a criminal. Once you reach Watson’s Cabin, listen to the old lady that leaves there speak. She’ll mistake you for another person, and that’s your ticket to go into the back of the cabin. Use the ladders and go down into the basement. There’s a semi-automatic shotgun up for grabs inside a case, so snag it and leave.

Make a camp and wait until a day or so passes. Or go and do something else, and return after a day or two. You’ll now hear the old lady’s four sons arguing about something or other in the cabin. As soon as they lay eyes on you, they’ll attack you. There doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to reason with them. So, you basically have no other recourse than to kill them all. After you dispatch them, loot everything in sight. The homestead stash is a lock box that you’ll find on a table in the kitchen. Oh, and you can also kill the old lady, if you want to, but it’s not a must.

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    That’s Northeast of the word “River”. Not Northwest.


      Thanks for the heads up, it’s fixed now.


    Says its north of strawberry in the game. Who the hell made that decision? Its way closer to valentine, its like dead North of valentine why would strawberry even be mentioned in the description?


      It’s very much not north of Valentine, nor is it close to Valentine; at least, it wasn’t for us. If you take a look at the map in the guide, you’ll see that it’s waaay to the west of Valentine.

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