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Helix Glitches are one of the collectibles in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. They can be found floating above the streets and buildings of London.
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Collecting Helix Glitches rewards you with Helix Credits – premium in-game currency. Collecting 50 Helix Glitches rewards you with 50 Helix Credits, collecting 100 Helix Glitches rewards you with additional 50 Credits, and after collecting all Helix Glitches (180) you’ll earn additional 100 Credits. Thanks to their placement and look, they’re a bit harder to spot. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find helix glitches in AC: Syndicate.

Where to find Helix Glitches

Every borough has its own set of helix glitches you can collect. In the list below you can find detailed screenshot guides for each borough:Many of them are hidden on rooftops, especially of important buildings like factories. You can also find them hovering above lamp posts and stone walls. Back alleys can often contain them as well. A soft light glows around them and they’re almost transparent, which makes them easy to miss. Keep your eyes peeled. We do know each one rewards you with a handful of XP points, but whether there are other, greater rewards is still a mystery.

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    Why isn’t there a link to Westminster yet?

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    Tyler Deye

    Can we get a screen shot of The Strand locations? And Westminster?

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      Seriously theres no reason no one has posted a map of strand and Westminster by this point I can’t rely on videos I need a still map location why people refuse to just upload the maps is beyond me these days! Videos are hard to play and follow and stop and play its too much and I always lose my place and I straight up have no patience for all that added crap. so just upload the god damn maps already and stop ng ignoranuses

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        Yeah…. cause its there fault that you miss the Helix in your gameplay….
        Cause it’s there job…. What the Hell….

        They did here a Helpful Guide for People that miss some Glitches and it help me found some i not notice…
        “I straight up have no patience for all that added crap”
        Well then f*** of and leave if you dont like it… for others its helpful and its not our fault when i to dump to use the help xD

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    I need a detailed screen shot list for Westminster please. yes, I’m too lazy to go through a video, but I mean it’s way easier to go though stills than a video.

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      Lazy as like find them self in your gameplay to look here? 😉

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    Really tired of gaming sites that only video for in-game locations when a map will suffice. Strand and Westminster, please.

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    YOU SIR ARE A LEGEEEEND!! Dont mind videos.. As long as it gets the job done

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    Any shots of the glitches in London 1941?

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    Any chance for London 1941 glitch videos?

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