Borderlands 3 Cactus Fruit Locations in Skag Dog Days - How to Get

Cactus fruit is a part of the Skag Dog Days mission in Borderlands 3, where you have to find five locations of red cacti and harvest their fruit. This part of the Skag Dog Days mission isn’t too difficult, but it might cause you a bit of a headache, especially if you aren’t paying attention. Specifically, the biggest problem seems to be how to get red cactus fruit in Skag Dog Days. Although, figuring out where to find them might also be a problem. All that said, this Borderlands 3 Cactus Fruit Locations in Skag Dog Days – How to Get is gonna help you on both of these fronts.

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Borderlands 3 Cactus Fruit Locations in Skag Dog Days - How to Get
Borderlands 3 Cactus Fruit Locations in Skag Dog Days – How to Get

How to Get Cactus Fruit in Borderlines 3 Skag Dog Days Mission?

To get the cactus fruit in the Borderlines 3 Skag Dog Days mission, you need use something that does splash damage. The easiest and most obvious way to go about this is to use the Big Succ gun that you’ve picked up in a previous quest step. It’s a machine gun by default; however, it’s alternate fire mode (accessed by pressing down on the D-pad when equipped) is a grenade launcher. So, take aim at one of the red cacti and fire off a grenade. Approach it and pick up the fruit from the floor. Plain and simple.

There is an alternative to this, if for some reason you just don’t wanna use the above method. Maybe your wife cheated on you with a grenade, I don’t know you. Anyway, you can instead clamber onto a cactus and perform the Slam Attack. It’s the one you do by doing a jump-crouch from a sufficient height. Pull off a Slam Attack near one of the red cacti, and a fruit should dislodge, as long as the cactus was within the attack radius.

Skag Dog Days Borderlines 3 – Where to Find Red Cactus Fruit Locations?

The first two cacti bearing fruit are fairly easy to find as you enter the area where you first encounter them. As we go through this, remember that you can only get the cactus fruit from red-glowing cacti. Anyways, the first two are immediately obvious from the get-go. One is on the left, next to the hole in the ground where Succulent Scags pour out of, and the other is just across from it, near the path that winds uphill.

The other three red cacti will be marked for you on the map, so all you have to do is to go to these locations. Plus, the area where you’ll be looking for them is pretty small, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. The only thing that might confuse you a bit is that the markers might not disappear when you harvest one of the cacti. So, just make sure to remember which ones you’ve visited, and you’ll be golden.

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