Borderlands 3 How to Emote on PS4

Emoting in Borderlands 3 is a mechanic that lets you communicate with other players that you might be playing with. For example, Borderlands 3 emotes let you ping locations on the map, point, wave to people, and more. Now, the problem here arises on the PS4. Namely, a fair number of vault hunters on the platform can’t figure out how to emote in Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4. And, well, I do see why; it’s not exactly super-intuitive. If you too are having trouble with this, then our Borderlands 3 How to Emote on PlayStation 4 is the right place for you.

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How to Emote in PlayStation 4 Borderlands 3?

To emote in the PlayStation 4 version of Borderlands 3, you have to press and hold the Options button. By that, I don’t meant the big ole tab button in the middle of the controller, which a number of games use for emoting. That just brings up context prompts if you hold it. No, I’m talking about the button actually marked Options. You know, the teeny-tiny one to the right of the big button. Press and hold that, and it’ll bring up the Quick Menu. At least, that’s the default setting.

The Quick Menu is a wheel that lets you select between a number of options. In our case, the wheel shown above includes four emotes, Duel (the crossed swords), and Ping Map (the crosshairs with the arrow). The emotes you can see in the image are, from top to bottom: Point, Wave, Cheer, and Laugh. So yeah, that’s basically all there is to it. Once more for the cheap seats in the back: if you want to emote in Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 4, you have to press and hold the Options button. When it brings up the Quick Menu, select the emote you want from the wheel.

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