Borderlands 3 Floodmoor Basin Final Location - Where to Find

The last named location in Floodmoor Basin in Borderlands 3 has been causing problems for players, who just can’t figure out where to find the final location in the zone. This is annoying, because you need to find all fifteen locations in order to 100% Floodmoor Basin. That being the case, I welcome you to our Borderlands 3 Floodmoor Basin Final Location – Where to Find guide, with the final missing location found.

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Borderlands 3 Floodmoor Basin Final Location Where to Find
Borderlands 3 Floodmoor Basin Final Location – Where to Find

Where to Find Last Floodmoor Basin Location in Borderlands 3?

To find the fifteenth and last location in Floodmoor Basin in Borderlands 3, you’ll have to go to the northwest of the area. If you’ve found the Eridian Writing up there, the location is just under it on the map. Alternatively, you can use the Typhon Log that’s in the northwesternmost corner of the map, and then go south, all the while hugging the edge of the level as much as humanly possible. Or, you know, just take a look at the map we’ve provided below, that ought to be the simplest way to go.

Now, as you go into the area, keep in mind that the marsh is just crawling with ravagers and other nasties. So, don’t expect the trek to be a happy ole jaunt through nature. Anyways, as you can see in the images above, as you approach the location, you’ll see a sign saying Do Not GO. Now, you’ll have to pretty much touch your nose to that sign in order for the game to register that you’ve discovered the location. Once the popup appears at the top of the screen, you’re good to go. The area is called Jason Waterfalls.

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    Wow what a dick move from gearbox really. Impossible to find without a guide..

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