Buzzard Destiny 2 Vanguard Ritual Weapon Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Buzzard legendary sidearm is the new Vanguard ritual weapon in Season of Dawn, and you can get it by completing the Shoot Fast, Tread Lightly quest for Zavala. Getting the Buzzard Vanguard ritual weapon involves a relatively simple grind, but there’s a way that you can make it easier still. With that said, our Buzzard Destiny 2 Vanguard Ritual Weapon Season of Dawn guide is going to show you the easiest way to obtain the new legendary weapon.

Buzzard Destiny 2 Vanguard Ritual Weapon Season of Dawn
Buzzard Destiny 2 Vanguard Ritual Weapon Season of Dawn

How to Get Buzzard Vanguard Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn?

To get the Buzzard Vanguard ritual weapon in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, the new Legendary sidearm, you’ll have to complete the Shoot Fast, Tread Lightly quest, given to you by Zavala. There are three objectives for you to do in strike playlists. These three objectives are 1500 Sidearm Final Blows, 50 Airborne Sidearm Final Blows, and racking up 4500 Points. After you manage all that, report back to Zavala to get your Buzzard ritual weapon.

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Now, there are two methods you can get the Buzzard really easily, with very little trouble. The first one is to start the Nightfall: The Ordeal on the EDZ. Make sure to spawn in alone, aka switch it to Legend. Immediately upon spawning into the activity, turn around and jump onto the platform above. Exit the area completely, and head to the church in Trostland. Kill the Cabal and the Fallen that spawn constantly around the church until you’re done.

Method number two is to start the Tree of Probability Nightfall on Mercury. The, just like in EDZ, turn around and exit the area. Again, you have to spawn in alone to avoid other players teleporting you back inside. This time, however, your destination is the Mercury Lost Sector, Pariah’s Refuge. Rinse and repeat until you complete the Shoot Fast, Tread Lightly quest.

Destiny 2 Vanguard Ritual Sidearm Buzzard Perks

The Buzzard ritual sidearm in Destiny 2 comes with some really cool perks. The primary, and most interesting, is Osmosis, which actually changes the weapon’s damage type to match your subclass after using your grenade ability. It’s pretty good stuff. Here’s a full list of potential perks you can get on Buzzard:

  • Adaptive Frame – Reliable and sturdy, well-rounded grip.
  • Extended Barrel – Increases range, decreases handling speed, moderatly controls recoil.
  • Alloy Magazine – Reloads faster when the magazine is empty.
  • Outlaw – Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.
  • Osmosis – Using your grenade ability changes weapon’s damage type to match your subclass until you stow it.
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm – Rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine.
  • Swashbuckler – Weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon.

Just keep in mind that ritual weapons now have curated perk rolls, not special perks. So, don’t expect them to be overpowered buzzsaws on the battlefield. However, they are still pretty powerful, so you might want to look into getting them.

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