Mars Obelisk Attunement Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Mars Obelisk Attunement in Season of Dawn is a new mission that you can pick up from Osiris, and is necessary to complete the Keeping Time quest. Since it’s so important, you wanna figure out how to start and complete Mars Obelisk Attunement in Destiny 2 as soon as possible. The mission isn’t too complicated, but there are some things you can do to make it go by faster. So, we’re going to show you how to start the Mars: Obelisk Attunement quest, and how to complete the two steps, Mars Recover Operation and Mars Light Collection in our Mars Obelisk Attunement Destiny 2 Season of Dawn guide.

Mars Obelisk Attunement Destiny 2 Season of Dawn
Mars Obelisk Attunement Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

How to Start Mars Obelisk Attunement Quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn?

To start the Mars: Obelisk Attunement mission in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, you’ll have to go and speak to Osiris on Mercury. This mission is vital for completing the Keeping Time quest. You can’t unlock the second obelisk in that mission until you complete Mars: Obelisk attunement. So, head over to Mercury and speak with Osiris at the base of the Sundial. Then, head over to Mars and the obelisk. The obelisk, incidentally, is just to the west of the BrayTech Futurescape spawn point, which is really handy, since the first step you’ll have to complete is collecting 50 salvaged BrayTech.

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How to Complete Mars Recovery Operation Mars Obelisk Attunement Quest – How to Get Salvaged BrayTech?

To complete the Mars Recovery Operation step in Mars Obelisk Attunement quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, you’ll have to collect 50 Salvaged BrayTech. You can achieve this by opening chests across Mars, or by defeating Vex on Mars. Now, the fact of the matter is that Vex drop one Salvaged BrayTech per kill, so farming them is probably the best way to go about this. We pulled it off by simply doing the Escalation Protocol at BrayTech Futurescape; it’s probably the fastest way. Of course, you can opt to open chests or look for Vex elsewhere on Mars, such as in Glacial Drift. Whatever you prefer. Once you have what you need, interact with the obelisk to activate the next step.

Mars Light Collection – How to Get Light Charge in Destiny 2 Mars Obelisk Attunement Quest?

To fill up the Light Charge collected bar and complete the Mars Light Collection step of Mars: Obelisk Attunement quest, you have to collect Orbs of Light and / or killing enemies with abilities and Supers. That’s pretty simple, if grindy, right? Again, just play the Escalation Protocol and you should be good. We can recommend using an Auto Rifle to make those Orbs of Light fall out just a bit faster, but overall, you’ll get there soon enough. Go back to the obelisk with a full Light Charge and deposit it. Boom, you’re done.

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