Destiny 2 Character Customization

Destiny 2 character customization has several different options. You can choose your class, race/gender, facial features, and so on. The number of character customization options in Destiny 2 is pretty decent, so you shouldn’t have any trouble creating the Guardian that looks just like you want them to.

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Destiny 2 Character Customization
Destiny 2 Character Customization

What Options are in Destiny 2 Character Customization?

There’s a number of stuff that you can change around to customize your Guardian. As far as appearance goes, you can swap around hair styles, markings, the shape of your face, your skin color, and so on. Before that, though, you have to pick a class, race, and gender. And, no, there are no beards in Destiny 2, I’m sad to say.

The first step towards creating your new character is to pick one of three classes. This should be familiar to all returning players – you choose between the Titan, Hunter and Warlock, depending on your preferences. Titans are tanky, Hunters are agile and quick, and Warlocks are kinda in-between. After you select your class, the game will take you into the customization screen. Once you’re there, the first thing to do is select your race and gender. The options are Human, Awoken, or Exo, all three either male or female. Selecting one of them will present you with a randomly-created character, and it’s up to you to continue with the customization. To toggle between the different options, you need to select them every time.

Your next step is editing your facial features. In this menu, you can also select the color of your skin, lips, and eyes. Next up is selecting your hair style and hair color. There’s a fair selection of both “normal” and wacky hairdos; there’s some fun to be had there. Finally, you get to choose your markings and their color. This will make your Guardian stand out even more and add that special finishing touch. After you’re done with that, you’re good to go.

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