Destiny 2 Where to Find Beta, Veteran & Preorder Bonus Reward Items?

Lots of players will be getting bonus items when they fire up Destiny 2. These rewards are being given out to veterans of the first game, those who’ve preordered or participated in the beta, and many more. Some of those players are concenred – they didn’t get the items as soon as they started the game, and they’re becoming impatient. The question they’re asking anyone who’ll listen is where to find beta, preorder and veteran rewards in Destiny 2.

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destiny 2 where to find beta veteran preorder bonus items
Destiny 2 Where to Find Beta, Veteran & Preorder Bonus Reward Items?

Where to find veteran & beta emblems?

You can find these in your vault. After you’ve escaped the city and met up with Hawthorne, you’ll be taken to the farm. There’s a fountain in the middle of the farm, and the vault terminals are near it. Access one of them during your first visits, go to the collections tab and look at the emblems compartment. You’ll find them there – The First Wave emblem for beta participants, and a handful of veteran emblems depending on your accomplishments. Here’s a list of them:

  • Laurel Triumphant – Completed one Moment of Triumph in Year 1
  • Laurea Primea – Completed all Moments of Triumph in Year 1
  • Slayer of Oryx – Completed one Moment of Triumph in Year 2
  • Heard the Call – Completed all Moments of Triumph in Year 2
  • Young Wolf – Reached Rank 2 in the Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Saladin’s Pride – Reached Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Lore Scholar – Got a Grimoire score of over 5000

Where to find preorder bonuses, deluxe edition items & PS4 exclusive rewards?

These are a bit different. The deluxe edition comes with an emblem, an emote and a sword. The first two are available from the vault as soon as you can access it – which is as soon as you get to the farm. The sword appears later – scroll down to see how to obtain it. Same goes for the Playstation 4 exclusive ship and rifle – you won’t get them right away, but they’ll become available as you progress.

How to get Coldheart exotic tracer rifle?

In order to get the Coldheart, you’ll need to complete the campaign and reach level 20. After that, simply talk to the gunsmith and he’ll give you the rifle. Of course, this only applies if you’ve preordered the game, or are willing to wait until December to obtain it.

Where to find kill tracker Ghost?

You can get the kill tracker ghost from Shaxx. However, you’ll first have to complete the story campaign and reach level 20. Don’t worry – the game tracks your kills anyway, so when you equip the shell for the first time, it’ll show all your kills, starting from day one.

Where to find Rockstar, Pop-tart & Gamestop XP boost consumables?

The XP boost consumables that you got by redeeming codes should be in the vault. If they’re not there, check your inventory (there’s a consumables tab), as well as the postmaster. Since you could call these retail microtransactions, you can also check with Tess Everis.

Where to find Traitor’s Fate legendary sword deluxe edition item?

destiny 2 legenrady sword traitor's fate

You’ll find the legendary sword Traitor’s Fate at the postmaster. However, it’ll only arrive once you’ve finished the story campaign. You don’t have to be level 20, but you do need to beat the main missions. Once you’re done, head to the tower and pick up the strange parcel from the robo postman.

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