Destiny 2 hints at the first two expansions

Destiny 2 has been all the rage last week with the final introduction of Destiny 2’s release date and a teaser trailer that says nothing much, but has a talkative Cayde-6 in the main role. The first game is also getting its swan song in the Age of Triumph update, bringing reworked raids as well as a bunch of little things.

destiny 2 expansion pass
The art is clearly meant as a hint, or a nod.

The original Destiny, which launched on September 9, 2014, managed to gather millions of players who spent over two billion hours in the game. Although the initial hype turned a bit lukewarm when the game first came out, due to the lack of a substantial story, this changed with the release of the expansions. The Taken King was especially successful and is considered the turning point for Destiny. We are well into its third year, and the recently announced sequel will be released, quite incidentally, on September 9, 2017. There will be a beta as well, but this time it seems to be hidden behind the paywall of pre-order.

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The game will have two large expansions, which are actually depicted on the artwork for the expansion pass with their symbols. This is interesting because it is, at the same time, a hint for some characters from Destiny’s lore. The yellow banner with the black eye is the symbol of Osiris. For those who are not familiar, Osiris is a Warlock, in exile on Mercury. If you’ve played Trials of Osiris, you should be familiar with this name. The second symbol is a black diamond on the blue banner, which symbolizes the famous Warmind, Rasputin. The mysterious AI is ripe for an expansion going deep into the abundant lore regarding it.

Destiny 2 has quite a way to go until its release, while the beta will come sooner, but there is still no official word on that. We will keep you posted.

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