Defragmentation – Sol Divisive Vex – Decryption Core Repaired Destiny 2

Defragmentation – Decryption Core Repaired is a step in the Destiny 2 Divine Fragmentation exotic quest, which requires you to kill Sol Divisive Vex. It sounds simple. The real question, though, is where to find the Sol Divisive Vex in order to repair the Decryption Core and complete the Defragmentation. As it turns out, there’s basically only one place where you can farm Sol Divisive Vex. So, our Defragmentation – Sol Divisive Vex – Decryption Core Repaired Destiny 2 guide is gonna show you where to find Sol Divisive Vex, and how to complete the related quest step.

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Where are Sol Divisive Vex Destiny 2 Deragmentation Decryption Core Repaired Quest

The Sol Divisive Vex in Destiny 2 appear mostly in the newly added Garden of Salvation raid. They appear inside the Garden of Salvation itself, but you’ll be way too busy dealing with other troubles to focus on this. Instead, you can solo this step fairly easily if you have a Power level of 900 in a different location. Namely, the Looking Glass. That’s right, the room with the giant portal that leads you into the Garden proper.

So, start the Raid from the map in the menu. When the Vex start pouring out of the portal, start shooting with everything you’ve got. Kill everything that has the sheer gall to even move, including the boss. This won’t add up to 120, which is how many you need. However, don’t go through the portal. Instead, restart the Raid. This will take you back into the Looking Glass, and all the Vex will be back. Kill them again, and then rinse and repeat until you get 120.

Alternatively, you can go to Sorrow’s Harbor and head east into Lunar Battlegrounds. As soon as you enter through the huge gates, take a sharp left and go through the cave to access the entrance to the raid. The Vex should spawn even though you’re not instanced into a raid.

Incidentally, in case you’ve been wondering what exactly the Sol Divisive Vex are, let’s clear up that mystery real quick. Long story short, they’re the Vex covered with moss and other plant life. That’s it. Those are the only Vex that count. And yes, they are basically only in the raid when it comes to Destiny 2.

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