Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Preview Features Lost Sectors & More

The Destiny 2 advertising machine has started heating up, and as a result, we get to see the first leveling zone in the game. In the new video, featuring the European Dead Zone, we get a glimpse of things like Lost Sectors, Adventures, Devrim Kay (the new reputation vendor) and more.

Destiny 2 European Dead Zone EDZ Preview Featuring Lost Sectors and More
Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Preview

The European Dead Zone, or EDZ, is where the sequel begins. This is where our heroes will start regaining their powers, while trying to stay alive. Following the events from the trailer, we get to regain our powers rather fast, allowing us to be more efficient.

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The Earth map – the cradle of humanity, a world of ancient glory waiting to be retaken – doesn’t look any bigger than the one from the first game. We can spot areas like Trostland (the ruined city), Sludge, Gulch, Firebase Hades, Winding Cove and the Outskirts. We also get to see some of the beta exotics in action in this new video. Exotics like the Titan’s Sweet Business auto rifle.

Devrim Kay, a Dead Zone scout, ever the gentleman sniper, holds fast in the wilds of the EDZ. He accepts items like Dusklight Crystals in exchange for EDZ tokens, rewards and increasing your reputation. Some of the items he gives the player as faction rewards in the trailer are Retro-Grade TG2 gauntlets, Call to Server kinetic weapon and Dead Zone Foliage shader. We get a chance to meet him after Hawthorne (a survivor with a hawk) sends us to him. Devrim Kay is found in the ruined city of Trostland, in a church tower.

The following EDZ activities are shown in the trailer:

  • Lost Sectors: Outskirts (Loot a Lost Sector in the Outskirts)
  • EDZ Scavenger: Gather 10 Dusklight Shards
  • Devrim’s Sniper School: Use a Sniper Rifle to defeat 10 enemies in the town of Trostland.
  • Embark on Quests & Adventures (A Frame Job, Stop and Go, Anti-Anti-Air)

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