Destiny 2 Finishing Touch Ingredient - Dawning 2019

Finishing Touch is one of the baking ingredients in Destiny 2. You can use it to bake multiple treats using Eva Levante’s Oven during the Dawning winter event. Like with all the other ingredients, the game doesn’t explain how to obtain it explicitly, but it does give you hints that should point you in the right direction. If those hints prove to be insufficient, this guide is going to show you how to get Finishing Touch in Destiny 2 during the Dawning 2019 event.

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destiny 2 finishing touch ingredient
Destiny 2 Finishing Touch Ingredient – Dawning 2019

How to get Finishing Touch?

You get it by performing finishers. It’s as simple as that – both the description and the name hint at it. Every time you perform a finisher, there’s a chance a Finishing Touch will drop. As with the other ingredients, it’s random, so don’t expect every finisher to cause a reward to drop.

What’s great about all the ingredients is that they’re a way to nudge people to engage with different play styles, weapons and techniques. A lot of folks, myself included, like to find a groove that fits them and settle in it. If we’re being honest, I don’t think I would ever even perform a finisher if it weren’t for things like this. It’s clear I’m missing out – they’re a powerful tool which enriches your arsenal quite nicely, but I just find them too flashy. This way, I’m forced to give them another shot and maybe rethink my bias.

Similarly, when I was playing on console, I was heavily prejudiced against any kind of weapon that required me to aim – snipers, scout rifles and such. I much preferred the spray and pray tactics of auto rifles and submachine guns. A material that drops only when you use a certain kind of weapon would push me over that initial hurdle and show me that fine aiming with a controller isn’t that big of a deal.

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