Destiny 2 Graviton Lance, Sunshot, Riskrunner Exotic Weapons

Graviton Lance, Riskrunner and Sunshot are exotic weapons in Destiny 2. They can be obtained during one of the main missions, and they’re probably the first exotic weapons you’ll see. You’ll have to choose one of the three – but you’ll probably be able to get the other two via RNG at a later point. It’s not a tough choice – they’re all suited to different play styles, so pick the one you’ll get the most use from. In this guide, we’l show you how to get Graviton Lance, Riskrunner & Sunshot in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 graviton lance exotic pulse rifle
Destiny 2 Graviton Lance

How to get Graviton Lance exotic pulse rifle?

To get this rifle, you’ll need to finish a particular campaign mission. During the Red War campaign, you’ll have a mission called Sacrilege. It takes place on Io, where you have to beat a boss called Irausk, Herald of The Savathun. Once you’re done, the game will take you to The Rupture, where you’ll have to talk to Asher Mir. He’ll let you choose one of the three exotics from the title. Graviton Lance is an exotic pulse rifle that does void damage and has 155 attack. Enemies killed by it will explode, and it has a perk that makes the third bullet in the burst open a black hole.

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Where to find Sunshot exotic hand cannon?

destiny 2 sunshot exotic handcannon

You can find the Sunshot in the same place as the weapon above. If you’ve tried it in the beta, it’s pretty much the same. The only major difference is that it has 155 attack. It still makes people explode, and it’s still hella cool. If you’re the aiming sort, we suggest you go for it.

How to get Riskrunner exotic submachine gun

destiny 2 riskrunner exotic submachine gun

The Riskrunner is obtained in the same places as the two other guns mentioned above. In case you’ve played with it in the beta, you’ll be happy to know it hasn’t changed much. It still has the same crazy perks that can, under the right circumstances, make you a near-indestructible killing machine. It now has 155 attack.

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    Can I get the sunshot as a different character if I have already beaten the game?

    1. R

      I’ve done the campaign twice hunter and warlock and have just completed this mission on a titan however on my second run g Lance wasn’t an available option and as I’d already found riskrunner in an engram at level seven it didn’t show up for my hunter or warlock (glitch maybe) so I chose g Lance on my hunter and sunshot on my warlock as I had no other choice however on my third go nothing only a rare pulse rifle with the same 155 light/power level
      If you are that bothered you will have to level up to level 20 head to the vault and goto collections all exotic armour or weapons you find are there and only cost 10 l shards

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