Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations - Map of golden chests

Region chests or Golden chests are unique loot containers in Destiny 2. There’s at least one gold chest in each public sector, and they can be opened only once. There’s high-quality loot inside them, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get yourself something nice. These region loot chests can be hard to find, but the extra hassle is worth it. If you’re having trouble with them, keep reading – we’ll show you a list of all Destiny 2 region chest locations.

destiny 2 region golden chest locations
Destiny 2 Golden Chest Locations

European Dead Zone Gold Chest Locations

Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations in EDZThe EDZ is the first area you’ll visit in Destiny 2. It’s where you’ll make your first moves towards reclaiming what was lost. There are 20 region chests here, and they will probably be the easiest to find, since it’s the area where you’re meant to learn the ropes. Although they’re marked on the map, you’ll still have to find their exact locations. For more details, take a look at our Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations in EDZ guide.

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Titan Region Loot Chests

Titan is a moon of Saturn, and it’s covered by a methane ocean with buildings from humanity’s golden age standing firmly on stilts. This is where you’ll find Zavala after the Tower falls. Some of the chests here are really difficult to figure out, since the map has several layers. You can be standing at the right coordinates, yet still be far from the chest. If you need detailed instructions, be sure to check out our guide with screenshots for Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Titan.

Io Gold Loot Chest Locations

Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on IoIo is a moon of Jupiter, and it’s heavy on sulfur. The yellow rock is thick with secrets, which is what drew Ikora Rey there after the attack. We expect finding the golden chests here will include solving puzzles. Detailed instructions with screenshots can be found in our guide Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Io.

Nessus Region Chests

Nessus is a planetoid where the indigenous flora struggles against the invading Vex. It’s a machine world, and also the place where you’ll meet Cayde-6. We’ve had a taste of it during the betas – namely, the Inverted Spire strike – and players have already caught a whiff of the secrets within. It looks like Nessus will make you work hard for every piece of loot you want.

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