In the Face of Darkness Destiny 2 - Quest Progression Bugged

Destiny 2 In the Face of Darkness is a new quest added to the game in the Season of Arrival. In the Face of Darkness basically serves as an introduction to all the new mechanics that have been added, and it’s not overly complicated to complete. Unfortunately, there are some bugs that are making life hell for Guardians. That being the case, in our In the Face of Darkness Destiny 2 – Quest Progression Bugged guide, we’re going to show you how to complete the quest, and what you can do with the bugs.

In the Face of Darkness Destiny 2 - Quest Progression Bugged
In the Face of Darkness Destiny 2 – Quest Progression Bugged

How to Start In the Face of Darkness Quest in Destiny 2?

To start the In the Face of Darkness quest in Destiny 2, you first have to complete the A Shadow Overhead mission. At that point, the Face of Darkness should pop up in your quest list. The first step is pretty easy, all you have to do is head back to the Tower and talk to the Drifter. He’s going to give you the Seed of Silver Wings, and tell you to take it to an “invasion site on Io or Titan and complete the Contact public event.”

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Long story short, all you have to do is go and complete the Contact event, either on Io or on Titan. At the time of writing, it’s on Io, but you’ll have to check where it is for yourself. After you do that, go back and talk with the Drifter again. He’ll tell you use the Umbral Decoder to decrypt the Umbral Engram. You can read more info on that in our Where to Decrypt Umbral Engrams, but basically, just use the small, furnace-like machine just below and to the left of the Drifter.

Taken Their Energy Destiny 2 Face of Darkness Quest Step Bug

To complete the Taken Their Energy step of In the Face of Darkness in Destiny 2, you have to complete either a Playlist strike, a Crucible match, or a Gambit match. That seems simple enough, but unfortunately, there seems to be a bug undercutting the experience. Apparently, what’s going on is, the game just doesn’t register you completing one of these activities. Sometimes, members of the same fireteam will get the next step, while others don’t.

There’s a chance that doing Control or Gambit Prime is going to help with this, but there’s no guarantee. Maybe it’s some sort of server issue, or whatever it is, there doesn’t seem to be any exact fix for it. All you can do is keep playing these events (if you’re doing The Bank Job parallel with this, you kinda have to anyway), and hope that the game eventually gives you what you need. Once it does, go back, talk to the Drifter, and you’ll get the Drifter’s Secret Stockpile.

How to Use Prismatic Recaster in Face of Darkness in Destiny 2?

Once you get the Drifter’s Secret Stockpile, go to the Prismatic Recaster. That’s the large, oven-like structure to the left of where the drifter is standing. Interact with it, and then dump all 500 Twisted Energy. Once that’s done, click on the Gifts of Light and Dark tab, and unlock Umbral Enhancement I. After that, go into Umbral Focusing, and choose whatever Umbral Engram tickles your fancy. With those in your pocket, head back to the Umbral Decoder to open them. You’ll get some cool stuff, and progress the quest. Go back and talk to the Drifter to get the next step.

In the Face of Darkness Quest Bug – Can’t Start Means to an End

Another bug that plagues the In the Face of Darkness quest is that people can’t start the adjoining Means to an End mission. Basically, the quest just doesn’t appear in the Prismatic Recaster. This is a huge problem, especially since this is a weekly activity, meaning that it goes in and out. So, it could potentially mess up your progress, not just this week, but the next, as well.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way for you to fix this bug on your own, barring maybe restarting the game and seeing what happens. On the brighter side, Bungie is aware of the problem, and are working on fixing it. By the time you read this, the issue might even be solved already. One can hope.

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    I’ve been trying to complete the “complete contact” portion of the quest and it won’t trigger the quest. Have completed the contact public event 10 times. Can’t find an article addressing that hiccup. Or am I just ignorant?

    1. A

      As of 07/24/20 I still can not pick up means to an end from the recaster

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    Michael Cole

    As of June 19 this remains bugged. I can not pick up means to an end.

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