Destiny 2 Latent Memory Locations - Warmind Data Cache Collectibles

Latent memories are collectibles in Destiny 2. They’re part of the Warmind DLC, which means you’ll find them on Mars. There’s 45 of them in total, and they’re really well hidden. Collecting them all will allow you to open up several data caches in the new area, yielding great rewards. If you’re having trouble finding them, keep reading our Destiny 2 Latent Memory locations guide, and it will help you complete the collection.

destiny 2 latent memory locations warmind data cache collectibles
Destiny 2 Latent Memory Locations – Warmind Data Cache Collectibles

How to Destroy Latent Memory

In order to collect a latent memory, you’ll have to shoot it. However, it’s not as simple as that. They’re grouped by color, and can only be destroyed by certain weapons. Use solar for the orange ones, void for the purple, arc for the blue and kinetic for the white ones. The red memories can only be destroyed with Rasputin’s Valkyrie. After finding 35 out of 45 latent memories, you’ll be able to get the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword.

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Braytech Futurescape Latent Memories

The first one we found was in the northwestern corner of Braytech Futurescapes, in front of the big statue at the wide staircase. From there, you can backtrack to the previous room. Near the pillar with the scrolling Clovis Bray logo marquee, there’s a latent memory on top of a crate.

In the long corridor that leads from Glacial Drift to Braystech Futurescape, about midway, there’s a high platform that you can fly to on the left (aka to the west). There’s some AC units there, a boiler, and a hatch in the floor. Stand on the hatch, and look down the wall to the south. You’ll find the collectible on a bit of pipe. Destroying it will net you a Destiny 2 Warmind Lost Memory Fragment. While you’re there, you can look across to the bunch of boilers across from where you are. There’s another latent memory there.

The next Barytech Futurescapes latent memory is a little tricky to find. As you enter the open area of Braytech, jetpack up onto the squat blue building on the right. Head down the metal stairs and turn around. There, you’ll find a yellow boiler just beneath the stairs you just descended. Jetpack onto the yellow boiler very carefully, and the memory will be staring you in the face. Hop back to safety, and keep going straight forward. Hop onto the higher platform, then up onto the blue building with the number 3 on it. Jump onto the boiler on the roof. You’ll spot the memory next to one of the huge pipes.

Head backwards, and turn right towards one of the largest buildings of the complex. There’s a large blue boiler on the side of the building; it’s difficult to miss. The latent memory is on top of the boiler. It requires you to use Valkyrie to destroy it. Walk around the building and turn back to face it. Stand further away from the entrance. Look closely at the top right corner of the building, and you’ll see where the latent memory is.

Head left from the previous memory, towards the building with the large, bulbous glass front. Don’t go inside. Instead, head left and look at the far windows of the building across the street. You’ll notice the glow of yet another latent memory. Look to your right, and you’ll spot a panel that you have to interact with. Then, double back and to the right, and go inside the building marked with the huge number 02. Head straight towards the slightly-ajar door. The latent memory is inside.

The last two of the Braytech Futurescape latent memories are hidden in the Core Terminus lost sector. Deep in the underbelly of Core Terminus, there are two double doors that open a sliver when you interact with their terminals. Keep in mind, however, that the second door will only open if there are some enemies alive. So, interact with the first terminal in the blue-lit room, then head left and back into the yellow-lit room, down the stairs, and activate the second terminal. Double-back to the first door and clear out the enemies there. Open the door, and shoot the latent memory inside. Then, head back once again to the second door, open it, and shoot the memory. Only then can you clear the room.

Glacial Drift Latent Memory Locations – Destiny 2 Warmind Lost Memory Fragment

The first one we found in this area is in the east, in the Ma’adim Subterrane lost sector at the edge of the area. Look for a wrecked ship, and you’ll find it next to the thrusters. Walk to the other side of the chasm, across from the crashed ship. Look into the abyss, and you’ll see the glow of the latent memory shining below.

As you walk outside the northern entrance area, head left and onto the bridge leading away from the building complex. Jump onto the first tower on the right and turn around. One latent memory is on the balcony right in front of you, next to the Clovis Bray logo. The next one is further to the right and down, just above the loading bay door. It’s small and blue, so it could be hard to spot between all the lights. You might have to come closer to destroy it.

For the next Glacial Drift memory, head to the entrance to the loading area (the door above which you shot the previous memory). Propel yourself onto the large crate on the left Look across the room and up to find the memory sitting on the ventilation. From this point, head along the path up the cliff to the right. When you pass the dead tree, turn around and look at the cliff wall below you. You’ll spot the latent memory inside the cliff wall. Destroying it rewarded us with another Lost Memory Fragment in Destiny 2 Warmind.

Looking at the map, there’s a small nook just northwest of the letter G in Glacial Drifts. There’s a small storage building there, next to the bullet train. Go inside and look to the left. The memory is in a plastic container on the bottom shelf. Exit the building and jump onto the bullet train outside, then turn around and look at the roof of the small storage building you were just in. You’ll spot another latent memory in the corner where the roof meets the cliff side.

Since you’re already on the bullet train, pan over to the right and keep a close eye on the cliff side. You’ll eventually spot the memory nestled on top of a very narrow ledge. Next, jump off the bullet train and the bridge in the direction of the cliff you were just looking at. You’ll spot another memory under the bridge, next to the support beam. This one will require you to use the Valkyrie.

At the very south of the Glacial Drift Area, just before the entrance into Olympus Descent, look towards the cliffs to the northwest. You’ll find the latent memory hiding on a small ledge. After that, approach the cliff on the right, and you’ll see a wall-like structure just ahead. Walk the edge of the cliff as close as you can, and jetpack to the narrow ledge at the foot of the wall. The memory is in the far corner, next to the cliff. You’ll have to aim that jump carefully.

Another Latent Memory is at the northern entrance into the Glacial Drift area, approaching from Braytech Futurescape. Look up and to the right. You’ll spot the memory hidden next to a large air-conditioning unit. Lastly, there’s a dead tree in the south of the area, not far from the bridge. It’s basically below the C in Glacial Drift. The latent memory is on the top of this dead tree, and it will require Valkyrie to destroy.

Where to Find Latent Memory Locations in Olympus Descent – Warmind Lost Memory Fragment

As you’re walking through the Olympus Descent area from the north (south of Glacial Drifts), inside the icy cave, keep an eye out to the right. You’ll see a spiky, sea mine-looking pod crashed into the edge of the cliff. The Latent Memory is just below the pod. Walk around the pod and gingerly approach the edge of the cliff to spot the memory. By shooting it, we got a Destiny 2 Warmind Lost Memory Fragment.

where to find latent memory locations olympus descent destiny 2 warmind

The second Latent Memory in Olympus Descent can be found further into the ice cave. After entering the ice cave from the south, you’ll come across an open area with enemies, and two branching paths. Look to your right to find a bunch of glowing crystals. Approach the edge of the cliff across from the crystals and look down. You’ll spot the memory on a small ledge below.

olympus descent latent memory locations warmind destiny 2

The final Olympus Descent Latent Memory is pretty hard to spot, so you might want to consult the image we’ve provided below. When you walk out of the cave, keep going further south until you reach the part on the map where the area kind of bottlenecks. Look high up towards the top of the protruding cliff and to the right to find the third Latent Memory in Olympus Descent.

destiny 2 olympus descent latent memory warmind dlc

Latent Memory in Dynamo Approach

There is only one Latent Memory in Dynamo Approach. To make up for that, though, it’s damned near impossible to spot. As you enter the area from the north, you’ll immediately spot a gigantic transmitter / antenna thing. The latent memory is on the lower branch of the antenna. It’s just above one of the small lights, making it infuriatingly difficult to see.

dynamo approach latent memory location where to find destiny 2 warmind

Alton Dynamo Latent Memory Locations – Lost Memory Fragments in Destiny 2 Warmind

Approach the Alton Dynamo area from the south, from the Dynamo Approach area. You’ll walk through a very tight ice cave. As soon as the game informs you that you’re in the Alton Dynamo section, turn around, and you’ll spot the Latent Memory on a small ice shelf. Cross the rest of the cave and you’ll find yourself in a large, open area filled with enemies. After you clear them out, go into the west corner of the area, next to the cliff. The latent memory is in the angle of the rafters holding the balcony that you’re on.

Turn right from the previous latent memory and go up the stairs and through the door. Take a right at the fork in the road and follow the path all the way, until you reach a huge room full of pillars that seem to be motherboards or something. Head to the right and approach the pillar that’s shooting a beam of light. Walk around it and look up at it to spot the latent memory. We also got a Warmind Lost Memory Fragment here.

alton dynamo latent memory where to find

Head back where you came from and keep going straight at the crossroads. In the next room, look to the right and up, and you’ll see a vent. Blow it open and fly up there. Crawl all the way through the vent until you reach a small room. In the far left corner, there’s a console you have to interact with. Head back through the vent and head through the door on the right. Cross the next area close to the right wall (past the large window and wall of mist) and go into another door. Head left at the juncture, and you’ll be greeted by an onslaught of enemies. Drop to the lower level, head right through yet another door. You should now be in the north of Hellas View. In this area, you’ll see a broken door on the right, which opens and closes a little in regular intervals. The latent memory is on the other side, so you’ll have to shoot it bit by bit. In the same room, across from the broken door and to the right, there is a latent memory sitting atop one of the tanks.

From the previously described area, head through the only door you haven’t been through yet, right from the console. Inside, there’ll be some tough enemies, including an Unhallowed Wizard. head immediately to the right as you go through the door. Climb up the stairs and take cover behind the farthest tank. Look up to the ceiling and you’ll spot the latent memory sitting on the pipes. Aim carefully and fire. Now it’s time to backtrack. Head up the stairs from the room with the broken door and enter the next area. Clear out the enemies, and climb to the balcony in the northwest. Jetpack gingerly onto the wall of the balcony overlooking the ravine, and you’ll spot the latent memory shimmering in the fog.

Stand in the northernmost corner of the area described above, turn around to face the room (to the west), and slowly pan your aim up. You’ll see that there are some large pipes running up there, and the latent memory is on them. Go back in the direction of Hellas View. When you reach the yellow-lit room, first, take care of the enemies. The latent memory is nestled high above all the machinery in the room. You’ll have to do some platforming to reach it, since it’s perched on top of a glass platform.

Aurora Reach Latent Memories

Enter the Aurora Reach area from the south, through Braytech Futurescape. As you enter Aurora Reach and come out into the open area, head up the short staircase. Look under the platform, left of the longer staircase to find the latent memory. From there, keep going through the area. Go through the vent chute from the room with the leaking ceiling. Keep moving, head onto the catwalk and just keep following the path the game takes you on. You’ll come across the latent memory on a crate in the corner.

Where to find Mindlab Rasputin Latent Memories

The first latent memory in Mindlab: Rasputin is, at least on the map, in the Aurora Reach area. Keep going forward from the previously described location. You’ll come across a large, black sphere. Jump onto it, then into the vent on the other side of the chasm. When you crawl out the vent, go left, and you’ll see the collectible on a large crate. Crawl back out of the vent, drop down to the lower level, and head out to the right, among a bunch of cargo. Jump onto the raised platform straight ahead, then into the doorway above. Turn to the right and head up the stairs to the upper level. Look to the left, and you’ll see some pipes leading up. Carefully go all the way up this path until you reach the solar panels. Jump across the chasm onto the large balcony. Walk across it and hang a left. Look below the catwalk, and you’ll see a large pipe down there. Jump down and walk to the first safe place. Look up and right into the rafters to find the latent memory.

Hop back onto the large balcony and go through the door you’ve previously ignored. Wipe out all the enemies in the general area. Then, from the door, head straight forward to the glass doors. Look to the left and up, above the doorway blocked by mist. That’s where the latent memory is. If it doesn’t appear, try completing the Pilgrimage quest first. Last, but certainly not least, head to the upper level and go through the gigantic ornate door. Make sure all the enemies are dead beforehand for the door to open. As you walk across the catwalk, keep an eye out for the latent memory. It’s on top of one of the metal constructions connecting the inner chamber to the outer walls.

After finding all forty-five latent memories in the Destiny 2 Warmind DLC, you can collect the G-335 Anseris Overdrive sparrow, transmat preloader included (props to Reddit user Aerrow-12 for the image). You’ll first have to visit the PAVONIS safe. It is located in the Olympus Descent area. Head back to the pod that fell from orbit in the ice cave (see the first latent memory in the Olympus Descent section). Look below the pod, and you’ll see a small ledge where you can drop. Go inside the ice cave there to find PAVONIS.

all 45 latent memories destiny 2 warmind dlc reward

This guide is a work in progress, so what you’re seeing here is only a fraction of the whole list. We’re going to update it with new locations (across all the areas) as we progress through the game. If you find a piece we’re missing, feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll include it as soon as possible.

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    Theres one at the very end of the lost region chest near ANA (right door) but still figuring out how to get in

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    To the right of the chest in core terminus lost sector there is a node up on cabinets

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      The door to that memory only stays open when there are enemies present.

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    Found one in Glacial Drift, left of the landing zone inside the bridge. Furthest dam hole from you. Requires Arc.

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    1 in Alton dynamo. enter from dynamo approach going north. In the second ice room with a skylight, right as the name “alton dynamo” pops up turn around should be about eye level.

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      Another one in alton dynamo. right when you enter the room with enemies. Stay on the ledge, stay eye level, and pan left. Its on the metal structure bent at an angle.

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      Braytech. Outside near Ana. Jump onto building 3 then jump onto the cylinder. Look slightly down you’ll see it on the pipes.

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        Exit Anas area in Braytech turn left out the door, go just pass the first building on the right, look right and youll see another memory on top of the blue boiler.

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    Thanks otherwise, it’s still a great guide.

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    There is another in Hellas View it’s in the room over looking the wizard room if you got the the exact center of the room you’ll find it, you have to jump to get it.

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      You need to clear all enemies in the area, and I mean all, even the ones on the lower level. If this doesn’t work, you have to reload the area. The door only opens when there are no enemies in the area.

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