Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon Cookies, Candy Dead Ghosts Recipes

Lavender Ribbon Cookies and Candy Dead Ghosts are treats you can bake in Destiny 2. They are available during the Dawning event, and they can be used as gifts for Saint-14 and Spider, respectively, during the Baked for Speed quest. To bake them, you’ll need to use Eva’s Oven and a handful of ingredients. The trouble is, the game won’t tell you which ingredients you need. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you how to make Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon Cookies & Candy Dead Ghosts.

destiny 2 lavender ribbon cookies candy dead ghosts recipes
Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon Cookies, Candy Dead Ghosts Recipes

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Lavender Ribbon Cookies recipe

Lavender Ribbon Cookies are made by mixing Vex Milk, Personal Touch and Essence of Dawning. You can get Vex Milk by killing Vex, Personal Touch by performing melee kills and Essence of Dawning by doing various activities like public events and crucible.

Once you’ve baked the cookies, you’ll need to bring them to Saint-14. He’s supposed to be in the Hangar, but he isn’t, due to a bug or time-gate.

Candy Dead Ghosts recipe

In order to make Candy Dead Ghosts, you’ll need to use Dark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration and Essence of Dawning. Dark Ether Cane is obtained by kiling Scorn in the Dreaming City and Tangled Shore, while Flash of Inspiration comes from generating Orbs of Light. Essence of Dawning comes from all kinds of different activities, in varying amounts.

Once you’ve baked the ghost cookies, you’ll need to head on over to the Tangled Shore and give them to Spider, who is the vendor there. He’ll reward you with some trifles, as is customary, and you’ll get to tick another quest objective off the list, bringing you one step closer to a fully-repaired Alpine Dash.

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