Personal Touch, Perfect Taste, Bullet Spray - Destiny 2 Ingredients

Personal Touch, Perfect Taste and Bullet Spray are ingredients in Destiny 2. They’re used to bake cookies during the Dawning event, which you can then gift to NPCs. The game doesn’t tell you where these ingredients come from, so getting them can be pretty hard. Some have names which hint towards the method of acquirement, others not so much. This guide is going to help you by showing how to get Personal Touch, Perfect Taste & Bullet Spray in Destiny 2, so you can keep baking.

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destiny 2 personal touch perfect taste bullet spray ingredients
Personal Touch, Perfect Taste, Bullet Spray – Destiny 2 Ingredients

How to get Personal Touch?

The description of this one reads “A delicious taste achieved by getting up close and personal”. If you haven’t guessed it already, you can get it by performing melee kills. Any enemy type and location will work, as long as it’s done by plunging a knife into another’s heart.

Where to find Perfect Taste?

If you look at the description for Perfect Taste, you’ll see the line “This flavor will hit the bull’s eye every time”. It’s a fair hint, but still not clear enough for our taste. You can get them by performing precision kills. The type of weapon and enemy type doesn’t matter, nor does the location.

How to obtain Bullet Spray?

Bullet Spray is described with the phrase “The more, the merrier”. Both the name and tag heavily imply it has to do with automatic weapons. You can get it by scoring kills with auto rifles, heavy machine guns and submachine guns.

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