Destiny 2 Map Fragments Not Dropping Solution

Are you not receiving map fragments in Destiny 2 after completing the Ketchcrash activity? You should know that you are definitely not the only person with this issue! Destiny 2 Season 18, called the Season of Plunder, has just arrived. The new season is all about space pirates, and what’s a pirate story without some treasure maps? In order to grab seasonal loot in Season 18, you’ll need to create treasure maps. And for that, you’ll first need to obtain some map fragments. However, for many players, map fragments are not dropping from Ketchcrash runs. If you’re not getting any map fragments in Ketchcrash, read on to find a few possible solutions to fix the issue.

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Destiny 2 Map Fragments Not Dropping Solution

How to Fix Map Fragments Not Dropping in Destiny 2

Earning map fragments is essential in Destiny 2 Season 18. It is the main currency in the Season of Plunder. It will allow you to create treasure maps in your Captain’s Atlas, and that will net you an additional reward chest at the end of the Expedition activity. As of now, the only way to get map fragments is by completing the Ketchcrash activity. Unfortunately, this seems a little bit bugged at the start of the new season. Namely, it seems that players are not receiving any map fragments when they successfully finish a Ketchcrash run. If you have this issue as well, here are a few easy solutions that should hopefully fix the problem:

  • Your inventory is full. This is the most common reason why are you not getting them. Make some space in your consumables inventory.
  • You receive them, but the game doesn’t inform you about them (they don’t appear as a reward) upon finishing the Ketchcrash activity.
  • If you will not get them, try login in and out of the game a couple of times.
  • Make sure that the Ketchcrash bug is not affecting you.

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