Destiny 2 PC Beta Players Find Leviathan Easter Egg

Destiny 2 PC Beta players have found the Leviathan in the Inverted Spire strike mission. The Easter egg can be found in a secret location on the map, which is currently incomplete. The area was discovered in the console beta. However, the Leviathan wasn’t a part of the sky box at the time. The find has sparked many theories about the Destiny 2 story.

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Destiny 2 PC Beta Players Find Leviathan Easter Egg
Destiny 2 PC Beta Players Find Leviathan Easter Egg. Thanks to redditor big-beetle for the photo.

The Destiny 2 Beta on PC has launched, and among the many saxophones and chives, PC players have finally managed to get their first taste of Destiny. The Guardians have already begun finding various different new bits and pieces, and redditor XonVisniyr has managed to uncover one huge Easter egg in the Inverted Spire strike – The Cabal’s enormous space ship, the Leviathan itself. This is a new find, because no console beta players managed to find it, even though they have found the hidden area where it pops up.

As we’ve covered in our Destiny 2 Trophy / Achievement List article, the Leviathan will definitely be a raid. What’s interesting is that this Easter egg popped up on Nessus, in a hidden, out-of bounds area which is still incomplete (if you want to find it, check out our Destiny 2 Beta Secrets & Easter Eggs). So, it might turn out that the Leviathan raid will either start or end on Nessus.

That being said, what’s tickling the fancies of Guardians the most is what this new discovery could mean for the story of Destiny 2. For one, it’s clear that the Leviathan is perfectly capable of swallowing moons, and maybe even smaller planets. But what exactly is the Cabal’s motive? Some of the players are theorizing that The Red Legion and Ghaul are not the Big Bad of Destiny 2. It might be that the Leviathan is their home planet, and they’re actually trying to escape The Darkness themselves. Maybe the reason that they’re attacking is because they need to power their behemoth ship. We’ll have to wait and see.

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