Destiny 2 Weekly Reset September 19th 2017 - Nightfall, Flashpoint

The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset is here today, and it brings a bunch of new stuff. The main draw, as usual, is the new Nightfall Strike, called Exodus Clash. Guardians will be battling the Fallen on Nessus, trying to fight back the infestation. Other new stuff includes a new Flashpoint, Meditations, and so on, and a rotation of encounters in the Leviathan Raid.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset September 19th 2017 - Nightfall, Flashpoint
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset September 19th 2017 – Nightfall, Flashpoint

Exodus Crash Nightfall in Destiny 2, September 19th

The Nightfall Strike this week is called Exodus Crash, and the mission is to eliminate the Fallen infestation on Exodus Black. As many of you already know, this is in Arcadian Valley. Here are the modifiers:

  • Prism – Your attacks matching the focused element deal increased damage, while others are reduced. Non-elemental damage remains unaffected, and the focused element changes every now and again.
  • Attrition – Killing enemies has a chance to create wells of Light, which both restore your health and charge your super. The downside is that both shield and health regeneration is significantly worse than usual.
  • Timewarp: Anomalies – Destroying these anomalies extends your mission timer.

The Nightfall contains challenges, as you’d expect. This week, we’ve got Speed of Dark (complete the strike with 5 minutes left), Unbroken (complete the Nightfall with 3 deaths or less), and Faster Than Lightning (defeat 9 Shanks with melee attacks, as a fire team, before you kill Thaviks). Check out our Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Nightfall Strike guide for detailed instructions on beating this Nightfall.

What else is New in Destiny 2 this week?

There’s a new Flashpoint on Titan. Of course, since you’re going, you can pay a visit to Cayde-6 in The Tower before you go and pick up his treasure maps. If you’re having trouble managing them, head over to our Destiny 2 Cayde Titan Treasure Map Locations guide.

You can also get three new meditations: Six, Looped, and Utopia. There’s also a new Shaxx Milestone – Call to Arms, enticing you to go fight in the Crucible. Finally, the reset rotates the encounter order in the Leviathan raid. Now, the order is Pleasure Gardens, Gauntlet, Baths, Emperor Calus, according to the weekly reset thread on Reddit.

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