witcher 3 wild hunt gamescom 2014 featured

Witcher 3 presentation at GamesCom 2014

Polish game developer CD Projekt RED managed to captivate audiences with their Witcher series of games. Blend of gritty storytelling, skillful combat, great role playing and a striking lead character – Geralt of Rivia – helped Projekt Red break into the top tier of RPG game makers. At this year’s GamesCom we had the pleasure…


Spaceship at Destiny Booth

GamesCom 2014 in pictures

Gamescom 2014, Europe’s biggest video games expo, in a form of an image collection of some great costumes and big-hitting title booths that you could come across in crowded halls.

50 DayZ tips video

50 DayZ tips video will help your character survive even longer in harsh world of Chernarus. 50 Most important things you must know about how to survive DayZ Alpha Standalone.