Red Dead Redemption 2 Aberdeen Pig Farm Location - Drink or Leave

Aberdeen pig farm is one of the locations in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a homestead stash, a remote location where strange people live – strange people you can rob blind. They’ll let you into their house, share a meal with you and offer you some nasty drink. A lot of people are wondering what happens if you get drunk there, and where to find the stash. In this guide, we’re going to show you Red Dead Redemption 2 Aberdeen pig farm location, as well as what happens if you drink or leave.

rdr2 aberdeen pig farm drink leave
Red Dead Redemption 2 Aberdeen Pig Farm Location – Drink or Leave

Where to find Aberdeen pig farm in RDR2?

You’ll find the farm in the east of the map, on the border of Lemoyne and New Hanover, a bit southeast from Emerald Ranch. The house is a surprisingly nice-looking, large log cabin. Once you get there, the guy out front will offer you to take a break and dine with him and his wife. Sure, they seem extremely unsavory. They look like an old-timey version of the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre? But, hey, maybe that’s just prejudice. What’s the worst that can happen? If you choose to enter the house, a series of events will start to unfold, one creepier than the other, leading up to the dinner you were offered.

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What happens if you drink at Aberdeen pig farm in RDR2?

Once you’re at the dinner table, the pair will offer you drinks. You can turn down their offer and leave, but then you won’t find out the rest of their story, and you won’t be able to rob the stash. So, you might as well not have entered the house at all. If, on the other hand, you do keep drinking, you’ll pass out after the third shot. Yes, everything you thought was gonna happen is now happening. However, if you pay attention, you’ll hear them say where they’re stashing your money after they throw you out.

Aberdeen pig farm stash location – how to get your money back?

To get your money back from the Aberdeen Pig Farm, you’ll have to return to the scene. This is only available if you’ve decided to drink with the inhabitants of Aberdeen. After you’ve passed out from drinking, you’ll wake up in a corpse dumping ground. Make your way back to the house and look for the stash behind the old woman’s painting – the one you see as soon as you enter the house through the main door. That’s where your money, and some more on top, will be hidden. And, if you have the chance, take your revenge.

red dead redemption 2 aberdeen pig farm stash location

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  1. I killed the fat guy before all the interaction, do you know if they’ll respawn??

    1. K

      They do not respawn after you kill them.

    2. D

      Same haha I had to load back I killed everyone

    3. M

      I don’t think so

  2. S
    Simon Lock

    You can still trigger the rest of the story later even if you leave. Go back to the house and Greet the woman till she offers to let you taste the stew. Same effect as taking the drink.

    1. 1

      It’s not quite the same, you don’t get the same amount of cash. You only get what they took from you plus whatever you can loot, if you keep drinking and wake up robbed and go back there will be a whole lot more money in that safe.

  3. T

    I killed them, then loaded back but now, I don’t have the task anymore and they attack me when I walk into their home. Am I screwed on that?

  4. C
    Charlie Beck

    I took one drink, stood up and stumbled around and then shot both of them in the face.

    1. D
      Dana S

      Oh my gosh! You crack me up! I’ve shot quite a few people in the face. Some on purpose…other times I forgot my gun was in my hand when passerby’s said hello. Once you point that gun, friendly goes out the window! Accidentally punched my horse in the face, too. I felt worse about the horse punch!

      1. M

        I went back as john Marston after Arthur died… its seems that they moved out but they forgotten to loot the safe with Arthur’s money, ( $41,683 was taken ) I was glad to obtain Arthur’s stolen money from the painting of their mother..,before Arthur”s died I’ve cashed in all my valuables and went to see the sibling couple and drank their liquor, after waking up gotten on my horse to complete the mission of the game. When playing as John Marston after doing the prolong ranch missions.., I’ve went back to their house finding them gone but the money was still there. plus after the completion of the game i was awarded with additional $20,000 from Blackwater bank robbery…totaled up with $61,683+ some gold bars were respawn when playing as John Marston. I’m also glad they didn’t patched it up. otherwise i wouldn’t be able to retrieve the money they took.

  5. F
    Fonz Diaz

    Haha! I saved it right before bc I wasn’t sure how I was going to proceed. I got the tip about the farm from a run away prisoner I helped (cuz I keeps it real). Anyway, I decided to play along thinking I may miss something if I just shoot up the place like a first year rookie. However, I was curious what happens if you refuse, I’m glad I stumbled on to this bc now I know I chose correctly.

  6. E

    The ultimate revenge is to drink, go back to the house after waking up, hogtie the woman, kill the man, ransack the house (there’s a hidden room only accessible from outside the house, with a box containing a little over $60 in it), pick up the woman, and throw her in the hole where you woke up. If you do this, she speaks unique dialogue for the situation. It is impossible to hogtie the man.

  7. D

    There’s a stash underneath the floorboards upstairs, I can’t seem to access the lit up objects inside, but it looks like 6 boxes of jewellery

    1. D

      Has anyone solved the loose floorboard yet? Just came across it and nothing shows up on the HUD for access to it??

  8. M

    I rode onto their property by chance, which pissed them both off too such a degree that the girl shouted she wanted to cut me open and watch me bleed, then she kept chasing me (by foot) no matter how far across the map I rode. She caught up with me over by the railway bridge far down to the south west, where I had to kill her to make her stop following me.
    Amazingly, she respawned upon my next visit, but then they both immediately attacked me, so I had to kill them both. No stash for me, I guess.

  9. T

    Couldn’t figure out the floorboard. i hogtied the girl and left her at that pit of dead bodies along with her dead brother i manged to get his corpse up to the pit leaving him next to his sister for her to think of her actions in the last moments as she dies. now the icing on the cake i skined a skunk and droped it by her face so she could eat raw rotting skunk while waiting to Die

    1. J
      John Carpi

      I wish to be as evil as you one day I just tied her up and fed her to a gator

  10. D

    I didn’t risk anything. Found out they were thieves and instantly put arrows in their heads. No risks lmao

  11. C

    I took the drink at the pig farm and woke up in the body out when I went back to get revenge neither one of them were there I did however recovered my money I was just really wanting to deal with the two. When I woke from the pit I did have bounty hunters after me would this have anything to do with them not being there?

  12. P

    I took the shots and woke up in the pit. Whistled for my horse but he was out of range bc he was still at the house. So I ran back in the rain hoping these mfs were still there and they ass was! While running before I got to the house I cycled to the sawed-off shotgun and busted through the door. The incest sister was prepping something for dinner and only got one word out before I knocked her ass back about 3 yds with the sawed-off. Her fat ass incest brother came runnning down the stairs crying and soon as he got to the bottom I gave him the business as well. Not to much big of a stash though.

  13. D

    When i went there therre was no one in the house

  14. I got lucky, I guess. After I went upstairs to see the wife (creepy) I searched around the other area on the second floor and opened the armoire. There was a skull in the armoire. Arthur’s reaction was “Sick sons of bitches.” I knew then I wasn’t having anything to eat or drink. You don’t have a choice on the first drink, but given Arthur’s reaction to that drink, I’m not sure I’d have had a second anyway. Since my main reason for going there was to get the silver bracelet for the bear claw talisman, I knew I was probably going to have to kill them both anyway, so I did. I’d advise killing the husband first. It took six revolver shots with express ammunition to put him down.

    1. A
      Andrew O'Brian

      I took him down with the Viking hatchet with 1 solid throw to the snaggletooth.

    2. A
      Andrew O'Brian

      It only took 1 throw with the Viking Hatchet in that rotten snaggletooth for his fat ass to drop.

  15. A

    If I was to stash my cash here in CH 6 with Arthur and not retrieve it, could I potentially come back with John in the Epilogue and recover all of the cash?

  16. A

    Oddly when I got there the guy was sat on the porch but I couldn’t speak to him or walk into the porch. Only when I fired a gun did he and the woman both become hostile and try to kill me, so I killed them first

  17. M

    If i go the incest couple as arthur ..drink or ate…. Left the couples house…. Then return as John marston… Will i find arthur cash in painting. Because i dont want to lose Arthur’s hard earned cash….plus along with getting more money from Dutch’s chest at the end of mission when after killing Micah…when dutch disappears.
    Can i get Arthur’s money as john when returning to incest couple house.

  18. J

    Whose skull is that in the Armoire of the pig farm?

  19. V
    Victoria Preece

    The armoire denizen is mother who the sister “likes to keep close”. Incest, patricide, matricide, serial murder… hmmm. Avonesque

  20. M

    I went there right before the second to last mission as Arthur let them hold on to his money and just picked it up as John

  21. J

    Started the quest, went up to check on his wife and fifteen bounty hunters burst through the door and everyone attacked me. I’m playing low honor right now I guess I’ll have to try the mission next play through. They are currently in a pile outside his house if they haven’t despawned.

  22. J
    Jeff jenkins

    Don’t feel bad I accidentally shot my dog at my camp,lol

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