Legendary Ram RDR2 Online - Chalk Horn, Gabbro Horn, Rutile Horn Locations

Legendary ram in Red Dead Online is one of the legendary animals in the game, and it’s tied to your progress in the new Naturalist Role. There are several subspecies of RDR2 Legendary Ram, including Chalk Horn, Gabbro Horn, and Rutile Horn. When you find them, you can either shoot and skin them, or, preferably, photograph them, sedate them, and take a sample. However, the main challenge here is figuring out where to find Red Dead Online legendary rams. That’s what we’ll be showing you in our Legendary Ram RDR2 Online – Chalk, Gabbro, Rutile Horn Locations guide.

legendary ram rdr2 online chalk horn gabbro horn rutile horn locations
Legendary Ram RDR2 Online – Chalk Horn, Gabbro Horn, Rutile Horn Locations

How to Spawn Legendary Ram in Red Dead Online

To spawn the legendary ram in Red Dead Online, you have to do different things depending on the subspecies you’re going after. For the first two, the Chalk Horn Ram and the Gabbro Horn Ram, it needs to be either broad daylight or dusk. They don’t like wet weather, so you won’t find them in the rain. As for the Rutile Horn Ram, it seems to spawn in one of the missions you get from Harriet, as a Naturalist, not in free roam. If I’m wrong about that, feel free to correct me in the comments. Either way, if one of these is not spawning for you, try to enter a different session, that seems to work some of the time.

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Where to Find Legendary Ram

To find the legendary rams in RDR2 Online, you have to look in different places, depending on the type your after. The Chalk Horn is in north Ambarino, east of Donner Falls. The Gabbro is in south New Austin, in Rio Bravo, southeast of Fort Mercer. Lastly, the Rutile Horn seems to be Naturalist-exclusive, locked behind a mission you get from Harriet.

Legendary Chalk Horn Ram Location

The location of the Chalk Horn Legendary Ram is near the letter I in the word “Ambarino” on the map. We’re talking about the area east of Donner Falls and south of Calumet Ravine. Just make sure that it’s daytime, or dusk at the latest, and that it’s not raining. It won’t necessarily attack you, but it is very agile in sharp, rocky terrain. So, if you’re not fast enough, it might escape. Best be fast.

Gabbro Horn RDR2 Legendary Ram Spawn Location

The Gabbro Horn spawn location is in south New Austin, in the east of Rio Bravo. Explore the area southeast of Fort Mercer, close to the river. Check out the images below to see what I mean. Like the Chalk Horn, the Gabbro is usually out and about during the day, and doesn’t like when the weather is wet. And, again, it’s going to try to run away, so be quick on your feet. It’s not aggressive, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to catch, not even close.

Where to Find Rutile Horn Legendary Ram in Red Dead Online

To find the Rutile Horn Legendary Ram in Red Dead Online, you have to pick up the mission from Harriet. Just keep doing tasks for her regularly, and you’ll come across it eventually. She’ll tell you that this specific ram is in New Austin, and that indeed it is. However, the mission is going to take you all the way where you need to go. At that point, all that’s left for you to do is sedate it and get a sample.

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