Red Dead Redemption 2 Kill or Help Blackwater Man

Kill or spare Blackwater man is one of the moral choices in Red Dead Redemption 2. It will be presented to you in chapter 2, after you go to Valentine with your gang mates in the Polite Society, Valentine Style mission. You’ll end up chasing the man from Blackwater, and after a brief but exciting hunt, you’ll be standing on top of a cliff, watching him dangle precariously. You will get to decide his fate, and many people are wondering what the consequences of each option are. This guide is going to help you decide whether to kill or help Blackwater man in Red Dead Redemption 2.

red dead redemption 2 kill help blackwater man
Red Dead Redemption 2 Kill or Help Blackwater Man

How to deal with man from Blackwater in RDR 2?

It may be tempting to step on his fingers – after all, he was spreading rumors about you and made you chase him all the way there. If you choose to do so, the fall will be fatal – the man from Blackwater will die, and you’ll get to loot his corpse for a fistful of dollars and a gold ring. You’ll also get an honor penalty, so obviously, don’t choose this option if you’re looking to roleplay the good cowboy.

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If you want to spare him, you’ll get his eternal gratitude. On the more tangible side, you’ll get some honor points and the man will give you a pen. You can sell the gift off for a quick profit, but it might be worth hanging onto.

There’s no telling whether you could use it later on, maybe to prove to somebody that you’re the one who saved the man from Blackwater. It might actually be more valuable than it looks, so if you’re going this route, you may want to think about holding onto it. It probably won’t make a difference in the end, but playing the bad guy doesn’t really pay in RDR2.

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