Red Dead Redemption 2 Split Up or Leave Bait - Bear Hunting

Split up or leave bait while bear hunting is a choice in RDR 2 Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego quest. As you progress through the quest with Hosea, Red Dead Redemption 2 will present you with the option to either leave bait for the bear, or split up with Hosea. The choice doesn’t really change much one way or the other, but one of the choices is definitely less stressful. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Split Up or Leave Bait guide will show you what happens in either option.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Split Up or Leave Bait - Bear Hunting
Red Dead Redemption 2 Split Up or Leave Bait – Bear Hunting

Leave Bait or Split Up in RDR 2 Bear Hunting – Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego Quest – What to Choose?

During the Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego quest, you and and Hosea are going to end up trailing after a bear. As you proceed through the mission, you’ll be presented with the eponymous dilemma: whether you should split up or place a bait for the bear. If you’ve ever watched a single horror movie, especially a slasher, the obvious answer will present itself. Splitting up is absolutely never a good idea. But, let’s go through what happens depending on what you choose.

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If you choose Split Up, you and Hosea are going to go your separate ways to look for clues. You will eventually come across a clue, (or bear marks, if you will). However, the main problem is that the bear will find Hosea in the meantime. So, you’ll have to hurry and scare the bear away and save Hosea’s life. You’ll have to shoo the bear away with bullets. If, on the other hand, you opt to Leave Bait, then Hosea and you will wait in hiding for the bear to come. A cutscene will play out, in which you’ll have to shoot the bear, which will then run away, and both of you will be safe. This bear is a Legendary Bear, and you can return to this location later to hunt it down.

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