Legendary Cougar RDR2 Online - Maza, Sapa, Iguga Cougar Locations

Legendary cougar is one of the animals added to Red Dead Online in update 1.20. There are several variations of it, including the Sapa and Maza cougar. They have unique pelts that can be turned into new garment sets, and you can collect samples from them if you’re a naturalist. Finding them is a bit tricky – they appear only in very specific locations, in specific conditions, and literally everyone is after them right now. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you Red Dead Online legendary cougar locations, to help you on your quest.

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legendary cougar rdr2 online maza sapa
Legendary Cougar RDR2 Online – Maza, Sapa Cougar Locations

How to spawn legendary cougar?

Some species prefer the dark, and all of them are more likely to appear when the weather is dry and clear. The Sapa cougar also has a naturalist rank requirement, so make sure you complete some collections before trying to hunt it. If you’re in the correct location and you’re not getting the message that a legendary animal is nearby, try joining another session – that usually helps.

Legendary Maza Cougar location

You can find the Legendary Maza Cougar in the area around the Sea of Corronado, in the far west of the map, in New Austin. It mostly appears at night. Make sure you have some pheromones with you, to help find it faster. Once you have its attention, climb onto a rock to avoid getting mauled.

legendary maza cougar location rdr2 online

Where to find Legedary Sapa Cougar?

The Legendary Sapa Cougar first appears through a mission from Harriet. You’ll need to be at least a level 5 naturalist for it to show up. When it does, simply accept it and follow the tracks. You’ll have to fight off some poachers if you want to keep the animal alive, which you should if you care about your relationship with Harriet.

Legendary Iguga Cougar location

The Legendary Iguga Cougar appears in the Great Plains, west of Blackwater. You can find it in the evengings, when the light starts going out. It can be spawned as part of a free roam event northeast of MacFarlane’s Ranch. If it starts coming for you, try to find a rock to climb on (thanks to Matthew for the tip).

rdr2 online legendary iguga cougar location

Maza Coat garment set

Maza coat is an outfit you can craft after selling the pelt of a Legendary Maza cougar to a trapper. It’s a pitch black coat with a fur lapel and a cougar’s head for a hat. It’ll cost you around $750.

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    I got a ‘Legendary Iguga Cougar’ in a free roam event (so after Naturalist Rank 4). As a group, we had to rescue it from a Poaching Camp north east of MacFarlane’s Ranch and escort it to the far end of Pike’s Basin whilst clearing out Poachers approaching. We only had one life each (ie, if you were shot [or mauled by the cougar], you had to spectate). On passing the mission, everyone got a sample. Along the way, I had also got off my horse and took a photo of it, as well as tracking and studying it.

    The Notes in the Field Guide say: ”This cougar has been spotted to the southeast of the Great Plains where it blends into its surroundings, sporting light brown fur with a white neck and stomach. The cougar has been known to attack humans roaming the area. It tends to appear in low light, at the end of the day”.

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