RDR2 Online Oleander Sage Locations Map Daily Challenge

Oleander sage locations in Red Dead Online are places where you can find the plant that’s sometimes necessary to complete RDR Online daily challenges. Needless to say, you have to figure out where you can find Red Dead Redemption 2 oleander sage before you can pick them. That’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing here; we’re going to show you where to find oleander sage plants in our RDR Online Oleander Sage Locations Map Daily Challenge guide.

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RDR Online Oleander Sage Locations Map Daily Challenge
RDR2 Online Oleander Sage Locations Map Daily Challenge

Where to Find RDR2 Online Oleander Sage for Daily Challenge?

To find oleander sage in RDR2 Online for the daily challenges, you’ll have to search through Lemoyne; around Bayou Nwa, along the banks of Kamassa River, around Calliga Hall, east of Bolger Glade near the Lannahechee River, etc. They seem to grow next to bodies of water, so that’s something you’ll probably find useful. The oleander sage has large, oval leaves clumped in threes, and lovely red flowers. Use Eagle Eye to see which plants you can pick and, of course, when you come close, the game will tell you that it’s oleander sage.

On the map below, and in the embedded video, you can see some of the locations in which we’ve found the RDR Online oleander sage locations. As you can see, we found them along the Kamassa River and south of Lakay. Technically speaking, it should be enough to find just one location, and then keep respawning nearby until you pick as many as you need. If not, well, there are more places.

where to find oleander plant locations red dead redemption 2
Oleander plant locations

For example you can look around Caliga Hall; to the east and south, to be specific. As long as you’re near water, you’ll run across some oleander sage. Also, you can go even further south, to the east of Bolger Glade. After all, that’s where the Lannahechee River is, along with several tributaries. With all that water around, you’re bound to find some oleander sage lying around. Just look for the tall-stemmed plants with red flowers.

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