Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Switching Between Weapons

Quick switching between weapons in RDR2, or something that resembles it, has been shown of in the trailers prior to launch. However, people have been having trouble figuring out how to quickly swap weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. AT least, not without quickly going in and out of the weapons wheel, as you normally would. In our Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Switching Between Weapons guide is going to attempt to help you with this problem.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Switching Between Weapons
Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Switching Between Weapons

How to Quick-Swap Weapons in RDR2?

The sad fact is, there doesn’t seem to be any way to quick-swap weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. Yes, they have shown something that resembled quickly switching between a rifle and a pistol in the trailers, but it doesn’t appear to be actually in the game; at least, as far as we can tell. The only way to toggle between the guns and melee weapons you’re carrying is the trusty old weapons wheel. Maybe the trailers didn’t have the HUD on, maybe it was just for show, we can’t say for sure. Either way, naughty Rockstar. Don’t make people work hundred-hour weeks.

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how to quickly swap weapons rdr2

As Reddit user boredgamelad points out, there is something in the game that does kinda resemble the quick-swapping of weapons. You can tap L1 while holding a rifle. This should trigger the holstering animation, and Arthur will pull out his pistol. When that happens, you can hit L1 again quickly to switch back to the rifle. However, this might not work properly if your timing is off, and, to be honest, it doesn’t really seem like the real deal. If you’ve managed to figure out quick-swapping weapons in RDR2, please do tell us in the comments.

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  1. R

    its when you run out of ammo you switch to your second gun, which is what is shown in that first gameplay trailer. so instead of blaming rockstar and making a pathetic dig try using your eyes and brain

    1. C

      Why can’t you just be informative and say what was shown why do you have to trickle in an insult?

    2. D

      Maybe instead of making stupid comments you should play the game. As someone who has tested the running out of ammo theory it’s also wrong. Arthur just continues to pull the trigger to no effect when he runs out of ammo. HE DOES NOT SWAP WEAPONS.

  2. X

    Forget that how do I change what weapon is on what hot key? I’ve got a cracking volcanic pistol and I always draw that crap revolver. I know it’s a waster but cmon

    1. 2

      For PS4 push Square when your weapon wheel is up to assign primary. When all guns are holstered pulling trigger will automatically equip that weapon. Also for fishing you can you can change reel in from the stick to hold down button in settings much easier.

  3. B

    Even though reallystupid was rude with his comment, what he said is correct though. There is no quick weapon switching in the game unfortnately. The closes you’ll get to quick weapon switching is this method which was mentioned in this thread by the author but doesn’t really have anything to do with timing but here it is. First step you’ll want to do is make sure your sidearm gun is close to being low on ammo, second switch to longarm gun then holster it (Arthur will be carrying it with one hand), third switch back to sidearm gun and finish emptying all of it’s rounds till your out, fourth holster your sidearm with L1 or LB (if on Xbox) then hit L1 or LB again and Arthur will switch to his longarm gun which has ammo in it. I believe this is what the developer did in the first gameplay trailer.

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