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Enhanced Wolf Gear is a weapon and armor set in The Witcher 3, which is part of a free DLC. To get it, you need to upgrade the basic Wolf School Gear set. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find diagrams for Enhanced Wolf Gear, the stats of the pieces and the ingredients required for crafting it.

We have also prepared for you the following guides:

Wolven Silver Sword – Enhanced

Head to Crow’s Perch, in central Velen. Go past the peasants’ houses, through the garrison, to the Baron’s garden. Use the ladder to climb down the well. Take a right once you’re down – you’ll see a chest. The diagram is inside.

Wolven Steel Sword – Enhanced

The steel sword diagram can be found north of Kaer Morhen, in the Ruined Watchtower. When you enter the fort, you’ll have to fight some level 23 Wraiths. Once that’s done, climb the scaffolding on the inside of the southern wall. You’ll find the diagram in a chest.

Enhanced Wolven Boots

Go to the Grotto signpost, east of Lindenvale. There is a monster den south of the fast travel point – enter it and look for the chest in the largest chamber. The diagram for the boots will be in it.

Enhanced Wolf Trousers

There is an island north-east of the Lakeside Hut in Kaer Morhen, shaped like a triangle. A chest is hidden in the water on the south side of the island, near the shore. The diagram for the trousers is inside it.

Enhanced Wolf Gauntlets

The diagram for the gauntlets can be found in Kaer Morhen, in the mountains south of the fortress. You’ll find a monster den, with the entrance between two mountain peaks. Go inside and keep to the left. You’ll have to do some climbing. Once you reach the large room, look for the chest in the middle of it.

Enhanced Wolven Armor

The final diagram is on a miniature island south of Fyke Isle in Velen. When you reach it, use your witcher senses to look for a wolf drawing on a wall. When you find it, turn around a look for a chest in the water. You’ll find your prize in it.

Enhanced Wolf Gear Stats

The Enhanced Wolf Gear is level 21, both the armor and the weapons. It’s medium weight, and just like the basic version, provides moderate protection, increased attack power and sign intensity.

witcher 3 enhanced wolf gear stats

Required Materials

Most of the materials you’ll need are common enough – merchants sell them, monsters drop them, or you can get them by dismantling other gear. You’ll also have to find a journeyman armorer and blacksmith. Here’s what you’ll need:

Enhanced Wolven Silver Sword
  • Wolven Silver Sword x1
  • Leather Straps x2
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x2
  • Monster Egg x1
  • Monster Tongue x1
Enhanced Wolven Steel Sword
  • Wolven Steel Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x1
  • Dark Steel Ingot x2
  • Powdered Monster Tissue x1
  • Monster Claw x1
Enhanced Wolven Armor
  • Wolven Armor x1
  • Hardened Leather x3
  • Meteorite Silver Plate x1
  • Linen x4
  • Monster Feather x5
Enhanced Wolven Trousers
  • Wolven Trousers x1
  • Leather Scraps x4
  • Silk x2
  • Cured Leather x1
  • Meteorite Ore x1
  • Monster Blood x1
Enhanced Wolven Boots
  • Wolven Boots x1
  • Hardened Leather x1
  • Meteorite Ore x1
  • Thread x3
  • Leather Scraps x4
  • Monster Essence x1
Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets
  • Wolven Gauntlets x1
  • Leather Scraps x4
  • Meteorite Ore x1
  • Leather Straps x2
  • Thread x2
  • Powdered Monster Tissue x4

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  1. I

    do you know where i can get the maps with the locations, for the whole wolf set?

  2. A

    The maps for the Superior Wolf gear is bought from the depressed blacksmith at Kear Muire on Ard Skellige!

  3. D

    Don’t know if this will help but I got two more maps from the elven swordsmith in Novigrad

  4. K

    I have a problem, guys, can anyone help me? I am lacking a diagram on Superior Wolf Steel Sword, although having Simple, Enhanced and Mastercraft.

  5. G

    Second half of maps for superior wolven gear are bought from blacksmith/armorer at Kaer Trolde (first half from sad armorer at Kaer Muire, as noted above).

  6. G

    actually, sorry, that’s first have of master crafted wolven gear

  7. D

    I’m done the entire game and I chose to put Cerys An Craite on the Skellige throne. Consequently, when I went to ask Ermion about the Sunstone, I had to kill someone who was a huge douche (don’t wanna say who because spoilers) but whose death seems to have made it so Kaer Muire is completely deserted, including the blacksmith. Can anyone corroborate this?

    1. R

      dude, just write damn “spoilers”…. seriously, you’re so damn dumb

  8. R
    Ralph o'leary

    I have all the sets from enhanced up, and I do not have the most basic which is the one people are saying you get automatically. What did I do wrong?

  9. O

    desperado1089, I have the same problem.. Now to find out if there’s an alternative place to get it from? Or perhaps have to load a previous save game (if you have one), but the pattern, then complete the story line.

  10. S

    Thanks for all the videos.

    One minor quibble… that hairstyle on Geralt is giving me eye cancer. Man that’s ugly.

  11. G

    U have marked the wrong chest for enhanced wolf armor its the chest to left it can be seen in the above image itself

  12. W

    Can you create android app contain all information in this web? Like a game guide

  13. D
    Deep Winter

    Would it kill the author to have put a little more effort into this guide and arrange the order of these pieces so I’m not fast traveling back and forward between Velen and Kaer Morhen? My God!

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