Destiny 2 Aeon Safe Exotic Gauntlets

Aeon Safe is a piece of exotic armor in Destiny 2. It’s part of the Curse of Osiris expansion. You’re guaranteed to get the fancy pair of gauntlets, but thanks to an oversight on the developers’ part, you can easily miss them. This guide will show you how to get Destiny 2 Aeon Safe exotic gauntlets, what they look like and their stats.

destiny 2 aeon safe exotic gauntlets
Destiny 2 Aeon Safe Exotic Gauntlets

How to get Aeon Safe?

In order to get the Aeon Safe gauntlets, you’ll have to complete the story campaign. As we’ve mentioned, you’re guaranteed to get them, so you won’t have to spend hours upon hours chasing engrams. Once you’re done with the story missions, you’ll probably want to stay on Mercury, to play the heroic Vex Crossroads and the new adventures, or find the regional chests and lost sectors.

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Before you do any of that, you should head back to the Tower. You might remember that this whole mess with the Vex, Osiris and Mercury started after you talked to Ikora Rey. Head back to her, and she’ll give you the Aeon Safe as the ultimate reward for completing the missions.

The gauntlets are reminiscent of Deus Ex in style – nothing says Adam Jensen like a robotic arm in black and gold. Except perhaps those shades and never having asked for this. They can be used by all three classes, and they come with an intrinsic perk that has an interesting effect on allies. It’s called Aeon Energy – whenever you use a barricade/grenade/dodge, nearby allies will get a buff that replenishes their barricade/grenade/dodge energy (depending on the class). If they also have the Aeon Safe equipped, the buff will be even stronger.

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