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Wanted Bounty bosses are special enemies in Destiny 2. You can start these bounties by talking to Spider, the vendor at the Tangled Shore. Some of them are found during patrol and public events, but most are hiding out in lost sectors across the galaxy. Hard-working internet sleuths have discovered some of these will always drop the same loot. This guide will show you the Destiny 2 Wanted Bounty lost sector boss loot drops, so you know who to farm if you need a specific item.

destiny 2 wanted bounty lost sector boss loot drops
Destiny 2 Wanted Bounty Lost Sector Boss Loot Drops

Wanted Bounty Loot Table

If you’re looking for the Dust Rock Blues shotgun, you’ll need to hunt the Wanted in the Europead Dead Zone (Pathfinder’s Crash, Whispered Falls or Cavern of Souls) or on Marsk (Core Terminus). This includes bounties like Silent Fang and Varghul, Fragment of Oryx.

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The Ether Doctor auto rifle can drop from bosses appearing as wanted bounties in two European Dead Zone lost sectors – Skydock IV and The Weep. The former is sometimes home to Devourer Darg.

Then there’s the Thin Line hand cannon, which you can find by exploring and clearing out Widow’s Walk in the EDZ, or the Grove of Ulan-Tan on Io. Early on, you could find Mazan, Lost Captain in the former. You’ll need to check week after week, though, as they swap places after the reset.

If it’s the Wrong Side of Right scout rifle you’re looking for, you should head either to the EDZ (and look in the Pit and Flooded Chasm lost sectors), or Io (if there’s an Aphix Conduit bounty).

The Trackless Waste submachine gun can drop from Wanted Bounty bosses that are located in the lost sectors of Shaft 13 at the EDZ and Pariah’s Refuge on Mercury. You can get the former this week, by going after Calzar, Scarred Captain.

The Right Side of Wrong pulse rifle can drop from Prison of Elders escapees hiding out on Nessus (in the Ancient Haunt lost sector) or Mars (in Ma’adim Subterrane). Finally something to get you away from the European Dead Zone, eh?

The rest of them drop pieces of the Scatterhorn armor, and here’s where you’ll find which:

  • Helmet – The Quarry (EDZ)
  • Gauntlets – The Drain (EDZ)
  • Plate – Excavation Site XII (EDZ), Sanctum of Bones (Io), Methane Flush (Titan), Cargo Bay 3 (Titan)
  • Greaves – Carrion Pit (Nessus), DS Quarters-2 (Titan)
  • Mark – Terminus East (EDZ), The Rift (Nessus)

Source: u/ilrathCXV

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