Legendary Fox RDR2 Online - Marble, Ota, Cross Fox

Legendary Fox in Red Dead Online is a part of the new Naturalist role quests added in the summer update. Since finding the RDR2 Online legendary fox is something you absolutely have to at some point to progress in your Naturalist role, there’s a lot of buzz concerning where to find the fox’s location, how to spawn the legendary fox, how to take a photo of it, and how to make garment sets. Not to mention that there are three variants – Marble, Ota, and Cross. We’re going to answer all of those questions in our Legendary Fox RDR2 Online – Marble, Ota, Cross Fox guide.

legendary fox rdr2 online marble ota cross fox
Legendary Fox RDR2 Online – Marble, Ota, Cross Fox

How to Spawn Legendary Fox

To spawn a legendary fox in Red Dead Online, go to the location marked on the legendary animal map in your satchel. In the case of the fox, more specifically, the marble fox, that’s in the northwest of the map, in Ambarino. We found our fox near the road between Cairn Lake and Spider Gorge. Make sure to have a pheromone on you, because using it will increase your odds of finding a legendary fox.

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However, even then, there’s no real guarantee that you’ll find one. If any legendary animal isn’t spawning for you, try to join another session. Also, you can hunt legendary animals more than once, but they are on a cooldown. So, you can’t really hunt them serially, as it were.

Where to Find Legendary Marble Fox Location

We found the Legendary Marble Fox in northwest Ambarino. As described above, it was west of Cairn Lake and east of Spider Gorge, near Colter. Approach quietly and use the pheromone to increase your chances. Oh, and don’t forget to use Eagle Eye, because the Marble Fox tends to blend in with its surroundings. We have found the legendary fox, so if you need more details take a look at our video – Red Dead Online LEGENDARY FOX Location – Naturalist Update

Legendary Ota Fox Spawn Location in Red Dead Online

The location of the Ota Fox in Red Dead Online is west of Rhodes, near the shore of Flat Iron Lake. If you look at the east edge of the lake on the map, you’ll notice that there’s a part that’s kinda boot-shaped. You can see what I mean in the pic below. Anyways, the Ota Fox tends to spawn near the toe of the boot. Explore the area carefully and use Eagle Eye to find the animal more easily.

where to find legendary ota fox rdr2 online
Legendary Ota Fox spawn location

Legendary Cross Fox Location in RDR2 Online

The location of the legendary cross fox in Red Dead Online is in the swamps east of Rhodes and west of Saint Denis, and comes out at night, in foggy weather. The “problem” is that it seems to be exclusive to those that adopt the Naturalist role, locked behind one of the missions that Harriet gives you once you reach rank five. So, you don’t have to worry too much about finding the right place, since the quest will take you right to where you need to be. That said, stay on your toes at all times, because the cross fox is very skittish, and can run away into the night if you’re not careful.

Cross Fox Search the Area for the Poacher Hideout Location

In one of the cross fox missions you get from Harriet, you’re going to have to find the poacher hideout in Saint Denis. The game doesn’t give you any useful hints as to where you need to look for said hideout. Well, as it turns out, the place is in south Saint Denis, in an unmarked courtyard near the Saint Denis train station. You can find the exact location below. Just keep in mind, as soon as you go inside, you’ll have to get into a shootout with the poachers, so come prepared.

Search the Docks for the Legendary Cross Fox Location

To complete the Search the Docks for the Legendary Cross Fox step of the mission, go onto one of the docks in the west of the dockyard. Specifically, the one behind the J. Cooper Lee bottling company. There are several poachers guarding the cage, so, once again, be ready for trouble and try to get the drop on them. When they’re dispatched, open the cage and let the fox out.

Be warned; almost as soon as you open the cage, the legendary cross fox is going to book it out of Saint Denis and into the swamps towards Rhodes. If you want to photograph it or sedate it, prepare to do it as fast as you can. Same goes if you want to skin it for the pelt. Sell it to Gus, and he’ll start selling the Cross Coat garment set.

red dead onlie cross coat location
Cross Coat

How to Take a Legendary Fox Photo – Naturalist Role

To take a photo of the legendary fox, you have to purchase the advanced camera. This is because you have to snap a photo of the fox, or any animal, while it’s up and running for it to count. So, no sedated animals, and definitely no dead animals. That being the case, you need the advanced camera, because it allows you to take photos while moving, and trust us, those animals are going to be darting every which way. You’re gonna need that mobility.

To purchase the advanced camera, head into the Rawson and Wheeler Catalog and look under Hunting and Fishing. The item should be on the second page, and it can be yours for the humble price of $540 or 22 Gold Bars. Incidentally, you don’t have to be a Naturalist to buy the camera; everyone has access, as long as you have the cash or gold. Thank you to Reddit user u/Fobba-Dye for one of the screenshots below.

How to Get Legendary Marble Fox Garment Set

To make the Legendary Fox Garment in Red Dead Online, you have to hunt one down and skin it. Use the repeater to increase your chances of a perfect pelt. Yes, it won’t make Harriet happy, but it will give you a really cool coat. Anyway, once you skin the fox, head to Gus in West Elizabeth (you can see his location below). Sell him the pelt, and then go into the Garment Sets tab. You’ll find the garment set you can make from your fox there. In our case, it was the Marble Coat, and it costs a whopping $640. Pretty steep, considering we got about twenty bucks for the pelt.

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