Red Dead Online Twitch Prime Loot & Rewards - Katata Elk Coat

Twitch Prime Loot and Rewards in Red Dead Online, including the Katata Elk Coat, are the new bonuses that you can get for linking your Twitch Prime and Rockstar Social Club accounts. The Twitch Prime rewards include several bonuses for the Naturalist Role, the already mentioned elk coat, and more. There’s been some confusion about these items, and we’re aiming to clear some of it up. So, in our Red Dead Online Twitch Prime Loot & Rewards – Katata Elk Coat guide, we’re going to show you how to get the Katata Elk Coat, how to link the accounts, and what the special items you can get are.

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red dead online twitch prime loot & rewards katata elk coat
Red Dead Online Twitch Prime Loot & Rewards – Katata Elk Coat

How to Claim Red Dead Online Katata Elk Coat Twitch Prime Reward

To claim your Katata Elk Coat Twitch Prime Reward in Red Dead Online, you first have to link your Rockstar Games Social Club account with your Twitch Prime account. Then, up to 48 hours of your next gaming session, you’re going to get an in-game message confirming the linking. While you’re waiting, or after you get the message, make sure to hunt down a Katata Elk and skin it for its pelt.

With that in your hand, go and visit Gus the trapper. You can find him in the west of Big Valley, in the north of West Elizabeth. You can check out the screenshots below to see the exact location. Give him the pelt, and he’s going to craft the Katata Elk Coat for free. It’s a bit of a runaround, but it’s worth it, because these coats can be very expensive. Plus, the linking of accounts grants you a ton of other fun rewards.

Rockstar Social Club & Twitch Prime Link Red Dead Online Rewards List

As I’ve stated above, there are a lot of rewards you can get for linking your Rockstar Social Club & Twitch Prime accounts, on top of the Katata Elk Coat. There’s a “trio of new Naturalist Rewards,” as well as “ongoing additional bonuses,” according to a post on Rockstar’s Newswire. Below, you’re going to find a list of loot you can get, as provided in the same post.

  • 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • Free Wilderness Camp
  • Offer for 50% off a Camp Dog
  • Offer for 50% off a Tent
  • Offer for 50% off a Vest below Rank 15
  • 10x Special Health Cures
  • 10x Special Snake Oil
  • 10x Special Miracle Tonic
  • 10x Special Bitters

How to Link Twitch Prime & Rockstar Social Club Accounts

To link your Twitch Prime & Rockstar Social Club accounts, go to the Red Dead Online page on Twitch Prime. Click on the big “Claim Now” icon, then “Link game account.” On the next page, click “Sign In” (or create an account, if you already haven’t). After you sign in, click “Link with Twitch.” Follow the steps from there and, lastly, you can click on View Red Dead Online Benefits.” You should then get a message that you’ve successfully claimed the bonuses. All you have to do now is wait for them to show up in the game.

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    Jason Reynolds

    So nice of rockstar to give us the opportunity to hunt an extremely rare rng legendary animal that EVERY other twitch prime member is also going to be attempting to hunt. Add to that the spawn cooldown and weather/night/day restrictions; I would bet everyone has their “free elk coat” by 2023 at the latest (the ones who think that literally running laps around a large swath of land is fun). Bet it has an expiration date on it though…….

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