Red Dead Redemption 2 Pocket Mirror Location - Molly

Pocket mirror is one of the request items in Red Dead Redemption 2, and item you’ll have to bring to one of your camping buddies after they ask you to. This time, it’s Molly – she’s the one who wants the mirror – and she’ll ask you to get it in chapter 3. Since it is a unique item, it’s pretty hard to find. This guide is going to show you the Red Dead Redemption 2 pocket mirror location, so you can help Molly.

Where to find pocket mirror for Molly?

As it usually goes with request items, it’s hidden in a pretty secluded place. It’s a cabin called Martha’s Swain, in the north of the map. It’s in the East Grizzlies area, southeast of O’Creagh’s Run. It’s the big lake north of Emerald Ranch.

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Once you’ve found it, enter through the green door. On your left, you’ll see another door, leading into the bedroom. Go inside and turn right. There will be a tiny blue nightstand next to the double bed. The pocket mirror will be on it.

red dead redemption 2 pocket mirror location molly request

Once you’ve brought it back, you’ll get another item as a reward from Molly. More importantly, her morale will improve, making her more likely to throw some cash into the donation box, which is essentially free money. If you’re looking to upgrade your camp without spending much money yourself, you should pay attention to these requests whenever you can – find a pipe for Dutch, a story book for Jack, a naval compass for Pearson and a harmonica for Sadie. All of them will increase the moral of the receiver, making them a better camp mate. There are other requests, as well, but most of them are about generic items you can get in any general store in the game.

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