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Knight's Ring Dark Souls 3

Knight’s Ring

Knight’s Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. This is the ring that increases one of the most used damage attributes – Strength. When…

Fire Clutch Ring Dark Souls 3

Clutch Rings

There are three Clutch Rings in Dark Souls 3. When worn, they increase the appropriate non-physical attack but reduce your damage absorption. Fire Clutch is…

Where to Find Flame Stoneplate Ring Dark Souls 3

Stoneplate Rings

Stoneplate Rings are three items found in Dark Souls 3. They are known as damage absorption rings, and they protect against fire, lightning and dark….

dark souls 3 karla the witch npc

Karla NPC

Karla the Witch is one of the NPCs in Dark Souls 3. She can be found trapped in Irithyll Dungeon. Once freed, she starts selling…

Lothric's Prayer Set Dark Souls 3

Prayer Set

Prayer Outfit is a three-piece combination of gear in Dark Souls 3. This gold-hemmed black set is found later on in the game, in Lothric…

Shield of Want Dark Souls 3

Shield of Want

Shield of Want is a one-of-a-kind item in Dark Souls 3. It’s unique because it increases the number of souls you get when defeating enemies….

Great Scythe Dark Souls 3

Great Scythe

Great Scythe is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. This is a reaper’s weapon that has an additional effect in the form of bleed build-up….

Astora Greatsword Dark Souls 3

Astora Greatsword

Astora Greatsword is an item found in Dark Souls 3. It is an Ultra Greatsword available for pickup in the area that comes after the…

Spider Shield Dark Souls 3

Spider Shield

Spider Shield is yet an another unique looking item in Dark Souls 3. Beside its unique look, it useful because it provides high resistance to…

Chaos Blade Dark Souls 3

Chaos Blade

Chaos Blade is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. It is a katana with an A in dexterity scaling. It can be found in one…

Butcher Knife Showcase Dark Souls 3

Butcher Knife

Butcher Knife is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. This is a great weapon for people who invest their attribute points in strength, as it…

Ricard's Rapier Showcase Dark Souls 3

Ricard’s Rapier

Ricard’s Rapier is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. This is a thrusting sword with intricate decoratios that used to belong to an Undead prince….