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Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Zeta

Cauldron Zeta

Cauldron Zeta is one of the hidden areas you can explore in Horizon Zero Dawn. Like all other Cauldrons, it’s an automated robot factory below…

horizon zero dawn corrupted zones

Corrupted Zones

Corrupted zones are special challenge areas in Horizon Zero Dawn. They’re inhabited solely by corrupted machines – stronger, more resilient versions of regular robots. Clearing…

horizon zero dawn cauldron sigma

Cauldron Sigma

Cauldron Sigma is one of the dungeons in Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s the first one you’ll encounter in the game. There’s a quest that leads…

horizon zero dawn cauldron dungeons

Cauldron Dungeons

Cauldrons are special dungeons in Horizon Zero Dawn. Completing the challenges within will reward you with a lot of skill points, and the ability to…