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how to get blazing sun on parts alone trial

Parts Alone Trial

Parts Alone is a hunting trial in Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s available at the Nora Hunting Grounds, the first one you find. It requires you…

Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Snapmaw Guide

How to Kill Snapmaw

Snapmaw is a robotic animal enemy you’ll fight in Horizon Zero Dawn. It resembles a large crocodile and it’s very fast. The lunge attacks are…

horizon zero dawn freeze trial

Freeze Trial

Freeze trial is one of the hunting challenges in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can try to beat it at the Valleymeet hunting grounds. It requires…

horizon zero dawn cauldron rho

Cauldron Rho

Cauldron Rho is one of the special dungeons in Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s an underground robot factory, filled with jumping puzzles and tough enemies. When…