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watch dogs legion mask locations

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations

Masks are cosmetic items in Watch Dogs Legion. They’re used during covert missions to hide your face, and there’s a wide variety of them, ranging…

watch dogs legion crashing on pc

Watch Dogs Legion Crashing on PC, Low FPS

Watch Dogs Legion performance on PC has been relatively poor, according to many players, including low FPS and crashing on PC. Sometimes it’ll run great,…

watch dogs legion how to holster weapon

Watch Dogs Legion Holster Weapon

You can holster your weapon in Watch Dogs Legion. Since walking around with your weapon in hand will scare civilians and alert the police, it’s…

watch dogs legion co-op

Watch Dogs Legion Co-op Multiplayer

Watch Dogs Legion won’t have co-op multiplayer available at launch. The only way to play on release day will be by yourself. If you want…

watch dogs legion release date & time

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date & Time

The release date and time of Watch Dogs Legion has been the question many players have been asking. This is probably because Ubisoft can make…

watch dogs legion achievements trophies

Watch Dogs Legion Achievements & Trophies

Watch Dogs Legion’s list of achievements has been revealed, and it includes forty trophies. It’s a bit less than what we’re used to, but that…