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final fantasy xv dlc

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Final Fantasy XV DLC will be released after the game launch, according to Square Enix. The official release date is the 29th of November. We…

Regalia Type F Final Fantasy XV

Regalia Car

Regalia is the vehicle used for traveling across the area by the main characters in Final Fantasy XV. This black-colored, four-seater convertible with a leather…

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Customization

Chocobos in FFXV

Chocobos in Final Fantasy XV are something that everyone who likes the series is expecting. You will not be disappointed, as Chocobos have their place…

final fantasy xv moogle

Moogles in FFXV

More than a year ago, Square Enix revealed there won’t be any Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. A large part of the fanbase got quite…