Red Dead Redemption 2 Errand Boy Trophy - Request Item Locations

Errand Boy trophy is one of the achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to complete five item requests for your companions. This involves finding out what they need, then looking for it and bringing it back to them. Sometimes they’ll ask for generic items, stuff you can buy from the general goods store, while other times they’ll want you to look for unique or rare items. This guide is going to help you unlock Red Dead Redemption 2 Errand Boy trophy by showing you all unique request item locations.

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red dead redemption 2 errand boy trophy
Red Dead Redemption 2 Errand Boy Trophy – Request Item Locations

Where to find companion request items in RDR2?

Oftentimes they’ll ask you for generic items, like animal parts (which you can get from hunting), plants (which you can harvest in the wilderness) or stuff like alcohol (which you can buy from the general store). However, they’ll sometimes ask you to get unique stuff – this is where to trouble begins. The things they ask for are literally unique – there’s only one of them on the entire map, and they’re often hidden in places you wouldn’t suspect.

There’s also a bug that makes some of the characters disappear after a certain mission in chapter 2. If this happens to you before you’ve brought them the items, don’t worry – they’ll come back in chapter 4, you’ll just have to wait a little longer. Most of these requests happen only during certain chapters, so make sure to talk to everyone at least once per chapter, to see if they need anything. Even if you miss a chapter, there are so many requests that you should have no problem getting the five required for the trophy. Here’s a list of all the unique request items and where we found them:

CompanionItemLocationDetailed instructions
DutchPipeVetter’s EchoDutch’s pipe location
SadieHarmonicaEast of Flatneck StationSadie’s harmonica location
PearsonNaval CompassBraithwaite ManorPearson’s compass location
JackPenny DreadfullFive shacks in the wildernessJack’s story book locations
MollyPocket MirrorMartha’s SwainMolly’s pocket mirror location
Mary-BethFountain PenOsman GroveMary-Beth fountain pen location
LennyPocket WatchVetter’s EchoLenny’s pocket watch location

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    Hosea asks for a crime book: ‘The Shrew in the Fog’ is located inside the house at Hagen Orchards, on the table.

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