Red Dead Redemption 2 Pocket Watch Location - Lenny

Pocket watch is one of the request items you’ll have to get for your gang members in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you’ve spent some time at the camp, you know the drill – they’ll often stop you while you’re wandering the camp, asking you to get them this and that. Lenny is the one who’ll ask you for the pocket watch, at some point in chapter 2, 3 or 4. There’s only one item in the whole world that fits the bill, so it might be a bit difficult. This guide is going to show you the Red Dead Redemption 2 pocket watch location, so you can fulfill Lenny’s request.

Where to find pocket watch for Lenny?

This is either genius or lazy, but the pocket watch is right next to where you found Dutch’s pipe. Yeah. On the very same table. If you still haven’t found the pipe, then you can get both at Vetter’s Echo, a lonely cabin in the northwest of the map. It’s near Little Creek River, northwest of Strawberry.

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There may be a bear inside, so tread carefully. There’s a back door you can use to surprise the beast, if you happen to encounter it. Once you’re in, you’ll notice a desk with a typewriter in one corner. The pocket watch will be on the desk, to the right of the typewriter.

When you go back to the camp, look for Lenny and give him the watch. He’ll be grateful enough to offer you a reward – it won’t be much, but it’s the gesture that counts. What also counts is the increase to his morale – it will make him more likely to contribute to the gang’s donation box out of pocket. If you want to make others happy as well, in order to get more of their money, check out our guides that show where to find the naval compass for Pearson, the pocket mirror for Molly, the story book for Jack, the fountain pen for Mary-Beth and the harmonica for Sadie.

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  1. J
    John Chappell

    There’s got to be another one. I picked it up when I was there to get the pipe and looted the cabin. The watch went to donations as it wasn’t labeled for Lenny

    1. R
      Rhubarb J. Barkley

      They’re pretty common. I had three (silver) two (platinum) and one (gold) and another (regular) by the time I got around to this side mission.
      Happy Hunting.

  2. J
    John Chappell

    Found a gold pocket watch down around the legendary elk hunting ground. On the road a drunk Irishman wrecked his moonshine wagon and asked me to watch his stuff while he went for another wagon. Waited a bit and then searched and found gold pocket watch and when I picked it up mission completed as I had already looted the one in the cabin

  3. J

    I stole a pocket watch. Not good enough. I purchased a pocket watch. Not good enough. Fuck you then Lenny, ungrateful shit.

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