witness quarry area

The Witness Quarry Puzzle Solutions

The Quarry area is next to the Logging – Orange Trees area, and represents a compilation of different types of puzzles that can be found all over the island like: collect all the dots, separate white and black dots, tetris puzzles, colors separation puzzles and stars puzzles. We strongly recommend avoiding this area before you […]
jungle trophy the witness

Jungle Puzzle Solutions – Jungle Trophy

Jungle Trophy in the witness is on of the easier to get. There are not that many puzzles and their principle is rather simple. Completing them all gives you the trophy and unlocks another laser beam. The whole point of these puzzles is to listen to the surrounding sounds. There will be a bird chirping […]
witness marsh area

Marsh – Swamp Tetris Puzzle Solutions

The Marsh or Swamp area introduces a set of new puzzles in the Witness, which are based on the Tetris-like shapes. The puzzles in this area revolve around outlining particular tetris-like shapes around squares containing their images. Don’t forget that shapes can’t share any squares. After tutorial area, puzzles become more and more difficult and […]
The Witness Desert Ruins Puzzle Solutions

Desert Ruin Puzzle Solutions

Desert Ruin Puzzle Solutions guide will help you with screenshots and description to solve light related puzzles found in the northwest corner of the Witness’ island. They are mostly related to light and how it shines onto the puzzle panels. If you are like me and got stuck on the very first puzzle, you might […]
the witness pink tree puzzle

Pink Trees Puzzle Solutions

Once you complete Black and White Dot type of puzzles on blue and green panels, go straight ahead and you’ll come across an orchard of pink trees. This area introduces a new type of puzzles, which are based on finding position of the red apple in the tree (or position of tree branches). In order […]
the witness walkthrough guide

The Witness All Puzzles Walkthrough

The Witness is a puzzle game set on a deserted island. You are alone out there, with nothing but over 600 puzzles to keep you company. You don’t have to beat them all in order to finish the game – many of them are optional. If you’re an actual human being, chances are, you’re going […]
symmetry island laser unlocked the witness

Symmetry Puzzle Solutions Guide

Symmetry based puzzles are first introduced to the player once you reach the shore near the entry area of The Witness. As soon as you solve the first black/white dot squares puzzles you will have an option to go left, towards a boathouse. You will be introduced to a new type of puzzle here, based […]
The Witness black and white squares puzzles

Black and White Dot Puzzle Solutions

As soon as you leave the starting fort/garden of The Witness you will be introduced to a new type of puzzles that involve squares with black and white dots on them. Right next to them are also puzzles that have hexagonal dots on the drawing path of the maze. These are frequently combined together in […]
the witness preorders open price revealed

Preorders Open For The Witness

The Witness Steam page has been updated with some new stuff – namely, the price and the option to preorder the game. If you’re looking to buy the game, it’ll cost you 40$. There are no preorder bonuses, nor a discount for buying it before it’s out. Jonathan Blow said that preordering will get you […]
the witness voice actors revealed

Here Are The Voice Actors From The Witness

In a post on the Playstation Blog, Jonathan Blow has announced that the voice recording for The Witness is complete. He used the opportunity to reveal the complete cast of the game, which consists of four somewhat well-known actors and actresses. If you’ve already heard that there won’t be other people on the lonely island […]
the witness new trailer

New Trailer Released for The Witness

There’s a new trailer for The Witness, a first-person exploration puzzle game set on a mysterious island. The video shows a part of the island’s coast, along with some interesting locations and buildings. The other part of the blog post is dedicated to interesting stuff, like the possibility of a retail release of the game. […]
the witness release date

Release Date for The Witness Confirmed

Jonathan Blow has published a new blog post on the official Playstation blog. It breaks down the progress made on his new game, The Witness, since May. There’s also a new trailer to gawk at, and a precise launch date. The game is going to be released on Playstation 4 on January 26th. It’s still […]