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switch equipment halo infinite campaign

Switch Equipment Halo Infinite Campaign

Knowing how to switch equipment in the Halo Infinite campaign is absolutely necessary if you’re going to complete the game with any degree of efficiency….

change difficulty halo infinite campaign

Change Difficulty Halo Infinite Campaign

If you want to change the Halo Infinite campaign difficulty for whatever reason, you can do it. All the classic Halo difficulty choices are still…

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades

Now that the Halo Infinite Campaign is finally out, players are full of questions about how to best build their character. The Campaign features five…

Halo Infinite Earn Valor Fast

Halo Infinite Earn Valor Fast

Classic FPS lovers from all over the world are jumping right into the single-player campaign in the newest entry in one of gaming’s most beloved…

halo infinite skull locations

Halo Infinite Skull Locations

Halo Infinite Skull Locations are places where you can get these hidden collectibles. Mind you, even though many of them are very hard to find…

halo infinite co-op campaign release date

Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign Release Date

The Halo Infinite co-op campaign release date has been a matter of some concern to players that want to experience the game’s story with friends….

halo infinite bulldog location

Halo Infinite Bulldog Location

The Halo Infinite Bulldog locations are places where the CQS48 Bulldog shotgun can spawn. Apparently, it doesn’t spawn on all maps; rather, you’re gonna have…

Mute Players Halo Infinite

Mute Players Halo Infinite

Now that the Halo Infinite Beta is out, PC and Xbox players around the world can once again enjoy playing Halo in multiplayer. Of course,…

Halo Infinite Greased Lightning Achievement

Halo Infinite Greased Lightning Achievement

The Halo Infinite Greased Lightning achievement is definitely going to be one of the more difficult achievements to get. It requires you to complete the…